Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Women's Temperance League

This is the new sign I made for our kitchen beam.
It cracks me up.......

On the other side is a sign for "fresh flowers".
So.....depending on who we are expecting for company, 
we can easily flip the sign.
I have more boards
and would like to make a couple more....... 

Any ideas? 


  1. I love it!! I also love what little I can see of your kitchen!! it looks very cool..
    as far as ideas.. how about something pertaining to a brothel for the bedrooms... ... that's all I got for ya today...
    would love to see more of you kitchen though!

  2. That's cool! No Idea but I'm sure Sharon will come up with something! ;)
    Big Hugs to You! :)

  3. This is so cool. Is it on chalkboard? I like that you can change it to flowers when need be. :)

  4. Ha-ha! So funny :) I want to come live at your house...

  5. Can't think of any right now, but I absolutely love the temperance movement sign...too funny!!


  6. holy holy holy
    my grandmother was the president of the WCTU for 20 years in her town of Chattanooga, tenn.
    lord have mercy!