Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SHE CHARMED ME..........

                She has a little pout going on...................

Probably because she had to get her hair curled
within an inch of her life, and put that checkered dress on.
I bet she hated getting dressed up and having her picture taken.

This was fun to make because most
of the "charms" were gifts
from friends.

Besides the coins I included a crucifix from Lourdes ,
religious medals, watch fob, vintage bits of chain,
old steel cut links, rosary beads, Baltic amber,
and of course the old tintype of "Smiley".


Monday, March 12, 2012

Slim Pickings.....

This was about the most interesting find from this weekend,
some sort of Masonic  plaque.

A cigar box and some tins to feed my

The tag on these said "Asian chess pieces"????
They all come apart and I think are
destined to show up later as part of "something else."

Weird, but I couldn't resist them.

I found this hat form,
thought it would fit the fencing mask
I bought a while back.

Not really, a bit small,
"making do" until a bigger one comes along.

Sales are just starting up around here,
Felt good to get out and rummage about!!

How about you?
Did you find any treasures this weekend?


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Memento Mori

Victorian mourning piece......or memento

This Victorian hair piece is one of a group of similar pieces I bought.
In rough condition, it was actually a brooch.
The pin was broke leaving just enough metal to fashion a ring or bail.
I paired it with a piece of old watch fob, part of an old rosary,
some antique faceted black beads,
a religious medal,
and some other bits and pieces.

Unfortunately as I was working on it,
the hair moved a bit  in the case.
Can you tell?
It's off to the jewelers with it. I think she can take the glass off ,
which needs to be cleaned anyway,
and reposition the hair.
At least I hope so, cuz I really like  this piece!

Fingers crossed!!!!