Monday, November 21, 2011

Junk and Rubbish

Same estate sale.........part two........2 weeks later

Some of these pictures are for Vix........who told me that where she lives
they don't have estate sales like we do, where you actually
go in the house and rummage around. 
This was a fairly good size log home, and you can see from the driveway 
how much traffic there was at this sale over the course of several weeks.
This couple, one deceased and one now going into an assisted living 
situation, had owned several antique stores. 
Thus accounting for the amazing amount of accumulation.

Inside the house........ I didn't spend much time inside since I had been in there 2 weeks ago.
Just a quick walk through on my way to the back, to see if they had added anything new.
I know, it doesn't look like a lot now, but remember, this is after already having a 3 day sale
two weeks earlier.(and marking everything 50% off the last day) The company handling the sale said they had been there for a month and a half getting ready.

There was different items, but the same type of things  as before.
Nothing for me.

This was the second building, a carriage house with a loft.
Again jammed packed, and they had brought different things from the warehouse into here as well.

Looking back at the house I just came from, you can see that the porches
were packed too. Things like metal bathtubs, cream separators, nautical things...
metal lockers, antique stoves of all sorts, giant scales,
just stuff!!
See the lighter ring on the house? Someone took a wheel of some sort
from there.

Back side of the carriage house.
The first day of first sale this area was packed with galvanized wire
type items. Baskets, carts, etc.
YUP!! Gals wiped it out fast!!
There were two cute young gals getting their picture taken with their
huge pile of "loot". They were starting a business and this was the first stuff they had bought for it.

OK, here we go....... the big draw for this part of the sale,
a huge metal warehouse, packed to the rafters,
laid out in aisle after aisle after aisle.
You had to dig, but actually it was pretty well organized,
boxes were labeled fairly well.
clock parts, fuses, lamp parts, bottles, dishes,
horse tack parts, bins and bins of nuts and bolts and that type
of thing.

This place was full of in their glory.........
men not talking........ just digging!!!
And of course several women as well.
This doesn't show how big the place was because at the front right there is a workshop .
So farther back it opens up again to the right.
Someone mentioned they had seen a rat.......that cleared
out some gals.

 So here's my loot. Not much.
And so dirty I probably shouldn't have even put it on the rug.
A box of rusty stuff for jugs, some glass canning jar lid thingies for
my upcoming leaded glass project.
cigar boxes, a spool of wire, chain, a big conk,
an old fire alarm sprinkler head that is kinda cool.

Two sewing baskets, no beads and coins on top,
but I am thinking of playing with them a little.
I don't know what that chain thing on the cigar box is.
It has a mans name, a town in Mass. and the number 60.
There was a lot of old horse tack and civil war stuff.
Could this be old tack?
I would love to hear from anyone that has any idea.

Two weeks ago when everything went 50% off I went back and bought 11 old crock whiskey
jugs for making memory jugs. I was hoping to find a lot of "stuff" to use making them. Didn't happen.
The sale had been open already for an hour when I got there.
And wouldn't you know, there was a guy with his truck loaded full!!!
Smack in the middle was the front grill from an old car. DAMN!!!!
I have been wanting one of those for a lonnnnnnnnng time. 

Oh Well.................................


I did see my neighbor Jennette from Smashing Rubbish  at the sale.
So after going home and cleaning up..(really really good...did I mention rats??)
I drove over to her shop, and visited a bit with her.
Look how cute her shop is!!

She had two fun customers in there shopping that were all
dressed in vintage complete with furs. She carries quite a bit of vintage clothes
and they were in checking it out.

Hey! Speaking of conks!!!

It's not a large shop, more boutique like,
plus her studio.

You can find Jennettes blog Smashing Rubbish here.
She has better pictures.......
check it out!

So my question to you is............
when you are in that type of situation.....dusty, musty,
possible you wear gloves? mask?
I do on occasion see people doing that.
I am thinking it might be a good idea.
What do you do/think?


Sunday, November 13, 2011

ODDFELLOWS......."on my bench"

Bits and pieces of Oddfellow medals,
Old shoebutton
 Lourdes medal,
Watch/clock key
Antique agate bead

Oddfellow medallion
Clay beads from Steph
Old tapemeasure 
Jasper with fossils in it (Steph)
Antique agate bead

I have wanted to use this old tapemeasure in a piece of jewelry for a long time.
I have seen a lot of gals out there doing some wrapping with strips of saris
and other fabric but this old dingy tape 
just happened to suit my color palette .

The fraternal organization Oddfellows
dates back to the 18th century.
You can easily find their history online if you are at all interested.
I just really like their OLD medals and jewelry.
Something about that big funky eye??
I have a few more pieces of old broken Oddfellow ribbon holders that I have picked up.......
So will probably make a couple more pieces.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out and About

To a couple of sales this morning.....................................

Didn't buy a lot. The fencing mask was probably my favorite
Although wooden dough bowls, tobacco tins, and tiny scales
rank right up there.

I notice I tend to buy the same things over and over.
Do you do that?
Seriously..........I hardly ever even bake bread and when I do
I don't use my wooden bowls.
Why do I need so many?

I am not sure why I felt compelled to buy these,
They are marked Germany, and I think lead?
They will probably end up in some sort of project ,
On a jug?
OK, The truth? I tried to talk them up to my junking partner,
but she wasn't falling for it so I had to buy them.
Had to!!

So cute, even had the box they came in.
Can't seem to resist baby shoes.

A glass negative , 
Another thing I am strangely attracted to....................

These were two HUGE sales, lots of really good stuff.
I am not sure why I walked away with so little.
I think it probably had to do with
the fact that they both said 1/2 price on most items on Sunday.
Well, there ya go.........................
I will cross my fingers and hope that some of the things I
was interested in will still be there.........
when I go back on Sunday!! 

Did you go out junking about this weekend?
If you did I hope you had great junking company like I did,
quirky houses to wander through,
and found some great things to add to your collections!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ivory and Teeth

Plays with Teeth.....and bones......

Ivory, Bone, Brass beads,

( I don't know what kind of tooth, it was found by my sister Marilyn)

 Ivory piece.......... estate sale

 Turquoise.......old coin,

Yellow Opal............................lots of different shades,
(I really like the variations this opal has.)

Religious medal.....................

Just starting to settle in for the winter.
Opening up little sacks that have been tossed
here and there over the last few months
as I found little bits and pieces
but didn't have time to do anything with them.
Some I had forgotten!!!
It's time to play audio books and get busy.
And "yes" to those of you that I am sure are tired of waiting,
SOON, I promise!!!