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Clootie Wells................

In Honor of St. Patricks Day......................

                                        CLOOTIES! ......

(a piece of cloth tied to a branch of a tree that is usually growing at or near
a well or spring that is considered holy or sacred, for the purpose of having a prayer granted)
Found in areas of Scotland, Ireland, as well as parts of northern England, Some of these wells
predate Christian times.
Although the practices vary depending on local
tradition, in Scotland and Ireland pieces of cloth (clooties)
are dipped in the holy well or spring and then tied to a branch.
This offering is then accompanied by a prayer or wish to the "spirit
of the well", normally a saint or a goddess, or a nature deity in pre-christian
At some wells the affected part of ones body is washed with a rag which is then tied
to a branch.
Offerings of rosaries, crosses and other religious symbols
may also be hung from branches.
Legend has it that the ailment is shed as the clootie disintegrates
over time.
An internet search for "clooties"
will turn up lots more information on clooties, as well as
some videos.
(all photos found on internet search)
Happy St. Patricks Day!