Sunday, April 28, 2013



Turtle shell, Snake vertabrae neck piece,
Old Copenhagen boxes, Dyed branch coral,
Antique trade beads, Brass African charms.
Antique trade beads, Vintage Copenhagen boxes,
Vintage Prince Albert can,

Friday, April 19, 2013

AT LAST!!!!!!


Look!!! Look at all the detail in the way these beads are strung!
I am not sure I could bear to take them apart to use them.
This isn't jewelry.....just strung beads ready to buy.
At this point I will apologise for the quality of my
pictures...... it was a bit dark in the shop,
and as usual these days it was a gray and rainy here in the PNW.
I am sure the shop owner thought I was a bit off
when I asked if I could put her beads on the floor to try to get
a good photo.
But she (Winifred) was very sweet and accomodating to me.
Beads that came around the horn, very old.
And yes, a bit spendy.
But look at the interesting way they are bundled.
A strand of old old glass beads on the left.....
a strand of old brass beads from a legal dig on the right.
These weren't for sale.......but just to see and hold them
was inspiring!
Two different size Buddha beads.....
This was hard to get a shot is very long.
A very old Manchurian necklace for a lady of some wealth.
A closeup of some of the details.
Wood beads, jade, fabric, thread wrapping, brass, etc.
Seriously...........just part of a wall of trade beads,
most of them very old.
And so much stuff to look at.......
Head ornament anyone?
Or maybe a Cricket Box??
Pile of treasure......
King beads.......beads that were worn by kings.
This picture doesn't even come close to doing these beads justice,
They had such an amazing feel to them, as well as an amazing patina. 
But not being a king, they were way out of my price range,
and they are still there waiting for someone else.
what did I buy?
Old spinning whorls. My kind of bling!
I want to use these, but's the take apart thing.
They look like they want to stay together.
But sooner or later...........
And lastly I came home with this strand of old trade beads , and this little monk "thing".
The monk is a glass covered photo, I am guessing it has been crocheted around the back and edges
and then it has been "aged" with a dark wax?
The name of this shop is
Trade Beads -N- More..........
Located in Snohomish, Washington in the old fire station.
They just moved there, and I don't have the exact address
but if anyone is interested let me know, I can get it for you.
Winifred Clark is the owner, and she is a walking encyclopedia
as far as beads go.
Not to, interesting and happy
to pass on and share her expertise.
They are just in the process of opening the shop, things are still being brought out,
priced, and arranged.
But some of the things are one of a kind and they won't be there for long I fear.
The shop carries a full array of other types of beads and supplies as well,
but I only took pictures of the beads that were calling to me.
I know, selfish.......
Selfish but Happy!! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Space........

Carving out a new place to ................


Will need insulation and walls before next winter.