Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jubilee Mosaic

Inspired by The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II ..........




(Mosaic Diamond Jubilee Vase)

When I bought the two plates I used in this mosaic, one had a crack
and one had a chip. But they were both
VERY inexpensive, so I purchased them anyway.
The Prince Charles cup was perfect, and I loved it,
but once when dusting I knocked it off its cup hook and it broke.
I couldn't bring myself to toss it and have kept it
for a good few years.
Finally........ something to do with them all.

I just have to say......doing mosaic isn't as easy as you might think,
poor Queen, as my pieces slid around on the crock, her face got larger
and larger grooves in it.
And frankly , after looking at her up close and personal
for a few hours, in my opinion
 she was quite a beauty in her youth.


If I was in her area, I would most definately
have signed up for a mosaic class from
I am sure that would have made the process much easier!
And my results much better!!

(If you are interested in seeing some of my
British royal commemoratives, including a Queen Victoria Diamond
Jubilee pitcher, I posted about them