Thursday, June 30, 2011

Antique Mosiac cute!

I found this cute mosaic "vase" on Ebay.

I really like this vase, the craftmanship is so good,
the dish shards used are amazing,
the golfer adds a touch of whimsy,
and there are NO pieces missing.

all this sweetness is built on a metal cylinder...
with NO bottom .

Yup! you can see all the way thru........

At first my head went to my trusty soldering iron, it is metal after all, I thought  
I'd solder on a bottom. But I could see some potential problems there. Then I thought maybe I'd just keep an eye out for a glass jar or something to fit inside.
But that could take forever.
Then I remembered that a month or so ago I had won a package of Fixit (made by Aves)
on Mud Hut Studio blog.
I had never used this or even heard of it until I entered the drawing.

I am looking forward to experimenting with it in jewelry making and other art.
In fact I just bought Kerin Gales' book Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams.....
a book on using epoxy clay in mixed-media projects.

The Fixit Sculpt packaging says...."adhesive, waterproof, weatherproof, SAFE,
water cleanup, paintable.......can be drilled, sanded , painted."
Heck, they use it to fix cars......
So why not make a bottom for a vase???

Fixit Sculpt is a two part medium, you mix together in equal parts.
(wear gloves)
One nice thing is that each part is a different  color,
that makes it easy to tell when you have it well mixed.
For this project I used half of each part.

I cut a piece of thin metal  and placed it over the hole. (I needed something to support the Fixit.)
But only over the hole and a bit past, I wanted the Fixit over most of the bottom
to make a solid seal.
Then I just worked and smoothed it out to completely cover the bottom
of the vase.
It is really easy to work with. You actually have a 2-3 hour window where
you can smooth it, texture it, whatever your needs are.

When I had it all done I couldn't help myself,
I ran and got a bracelet and rolled it on the Fixit .....
just to get a "taste" of what it will be like to work with it in that way.
(you do NOT want me around your wet concrete!!)
You can see that it makes a very clean imprint......

It is fully cured in 24 hours, but I only waited about 6 hours before I painted it
I can't wait to use this in jewelry making!!

  So far so good!!!

I am SO happy that I won this drawing....
Thank you so much Lisa!!
(Mud Hut Studio)




  1. Wow! That is soooo cool. Just goes to show what a determined woman can do when she sets her mind to it :)

  2. I love the way your mind works and I love old mosaics, Kelly Aaron makes the cutest mosaics too, she's another of us!!!

    Boy it's a hot one in ol' Ioway today, may not be sleeping on the second floor tonight whew!!!

  3. Hmm if that vase ever needs a new home I have a suggestion! The Tin Palace would love to take it in! It looks great!