Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Cloche

This morning when I went out to the garden to take the cloches
off, I found myself wishing I had a couple more, to give those 
new seedlings the little boost that makes a bit of difference.
I went down to the garage to see  if I had anything I could use
and came up with this.....................

OH............. this cracks me up!
Anyway you know those picture things that every thrift store
is full of?  I married it with this old mixing bowl that I have been
meaning to get rid of FOREVER.

I did it like this..... It might have taken me 30 seconds,no more.
That wire is seriously strong, once you get it bent it isn't going anywhere,
and those "loops" make it easy to move.

I think a person could have a lot of fun with these,

The possibilities are endless.........................
( ya know ya want one!)

It was against my better judgment that I posted this,
please don't hold it against me.      



  1. OMG...girl, just wait till you see the idea you gave me...heeheehee...I am TOTALLY loving the baby heads too, you are sick, I like that in a person!!!

    Can't wait to go to Good Will to find some glass bowls, what a clever idea, I bet Nancy over at Sassy Trash could come up with some clever ideas too with your bowl cloches, she loves working with wire...and seeing your windows in the garden, just gave me another idea for the half windows I just found in 'the spider room' in my basement(the room that has no walls, just dirt)...ewwwwwww!!!

    I was just saying to a friend today that I didn't have any projects in the making...HA...can't leave me alone for 5 minutes(or you either)!!!


  2. I don't want one-I want 10! The creepy surprised look on the lower head just may be enough to keep the deer away. I love the window hugging the tomatoes. You are so creative and practical too.

  3. I am flashing to a seriously old movie where people were planted in a garden up to their necks and then the heads were covered I think with paper bags but it could have been glass bowls. I will never look at doll heads the same. I will be forwarding you the bill for my therapy.

  4. I think I remember that movie........:)