Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In The Garden...


The last of the free wood we picked up along the road, and
some pieces of old fencing and bits we found at a garage sale.

I was just at the lumber yard buying wood for the fence around the garden.
I appreciate that free wood quite a bit more now!

( I am not sure blue tarp covered objects qualify as good focal points..???) 
I just bought a clematis to grow over this arch,
maybe I should have bought one to grow over the tarp!!



  1. What a great way to recycle wood! Love it!
    Now... what's under the blue tarp ? ;)

  2. The arch is a wonderful entry way to the mystery of what's under the tarp. Do I get a prize if I 'guess' correctly?

  3. Hey Frost Creek.....

    Dang it! I should have had a "guess what's under the blue tarp" contest!!

    But since you already know...........

  4. Let's see, there's some kind of a blade sticking out. What could that be? I know, perhaps a bulldozer. Do I win? Do I win? What's the prize?

  5. I was just at my daughters' house yesterday checking out the new scrap benches she made from old fencing pieces and doors...and she had a set of GREAT old white chippy garage doors...TO DIE FOR!!! Hmmmmmmm...

    Love the arbor and don't you love it when you take a great shot, then you notice the tarp...mine is dark green, so not quite so intrusive...hey, it is what it is!!!

    We got sun...out to the trenches after a full day of rain yesterday...GEESH!

  6. That is simply fabulous!! I love garden decor made from recycled goodies! Great job!!


  7. I absolutely LOVE this! What a great focal point!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my bypass. It means the WORLD to me!

    Love always,