Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Butterflies...........................

Today my grandson Matthew and I made our butterflies
to send to The Holocaust Museum in Houston.

If you haven't heard of it, The Butterfly Project is  an
effort underway by the museum to collect 1,500,000
 handmade  butterflies
for a special exhibit to represent and honor the 1,500,000 
innocent children that perished in the Holocaust.

Matthews .......


Although we had fun cutting and pasting , and we are looking forward 
to sending our butterflies and being a part of this project,
we also had some very important conversation. 
Some of it was very hard. How do you tell this history to a child?
But more importantly.......how can you not?

If you would like to send a butterfly, and want more information,
you can get it here
or, if you want to click on the butterfly button on the right 
sidebar, you can read about another way you can send your butterfly and take
part in some extra fun doing it. 

The Project is named after a poem written by Pavel Friedman.
Pavel was born in Prague Jan. 7,1921....
deported to the Terezin Concentration Camp on April 26,1942
died in Aushchwitz on Sept 29, 1944.
He was 23.

(please read the poem)

 The Ladybugs...............................

Then it was out to the garden ........................

We had gone to the garden center earlier in the day
and Matt saw the LADYBUGS!!
I couldn't say no, ......
 I wanted them too!!

I wish these ladies could eat whatever is nibbling on my beans!!!



  1. Great idea on the butterflies. And good luck with the lady bugs! Did I never tell you the ladybug horror story? Short version... they did nothing in my garden but the next spring invaded my house actually darkened the windows literally thousands filled the vacuum cleaner mutliple times daily for about 2 weeks.

  2. Great idea! I'll be having a talk with my granddaughters and we'll make butterflies. Can you imagine seeing their faces when I take them to see the exhibit? So meaningful and timely. Just last night we had quite a discussion about war ( they're 6 & 8 ).

  3. Sweet...I'm keeping an eye out for butterflies this year, the bee population is nil in my neck o the woods as well as the bumblebees...very scary!

    My husband's Father was at the Auschwitz liberation, it's something that he would NEVER talk about and still atrocities are happening all over the world today...humans, will we ever be civilized???

    I remember the fun times I used to have with my Grandson, now at 23, he's doin' his own thing, but I talked to him last night and I filtered out some of the things we used to have conversations about back in the day...he still remembers...SWEET!!!

    Have fun slaving in the gardens...

  4. Just makes me wish I had a Matt to make butterflies with. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful poem and beautiful project! Matt's butterfly and yours are beautiful too...
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I haven't read the poem yet, I'm at work and feel like I'm already about to cry. Need to maintain some composure for a few more hours. But you're right. How could you hold back a piece of information that is so big from a mind that is trying to assemble pieces of the puzzle of his world? I am not aware of the butterfly project and will look into it now. Thank you for sharing and thank you so much for dropping into my blog to say hi. I'm so pleased to meet you! ~diane