Thursday, June 16, 2011

Death Dolls and other cool Stuff

I always enjoy it when others show their favorite antique stores and "hidden treasure spots".
So today I am going to tell you about mine......Bernie's Antiques. Nothing fancy, no "vignettes",
no "shabby chic", (definitely no foofoo smell) Just Bernie on his stool, coffee cup in hand,
lots of good conversation and STORIES, a willingness to search the back room for you,
and LOTS of good junk to dig thru. Actually it's very organized and he knows where everything is.
Bernie and I like the same here's a peek................(you can enlarge photos)
                              I'll even show you the best first!
                                                   DEATH DOLLS.....................

..........Probably made in memory of someone.....
This was my favorite thing in the store, the thing I can't stop thinking about.
According to Bernie they are very old.(?)
He thinks they were made from fabric, wrapping, weavings, whatever you want to call it
that had been uncovered from burial sites in the mountains somewhere in South America . Sites that were uncovered from being washed away by rain. 
(He mentioned mummies.) (?)
I know nothing of that culture, so can only go by what he told me, although now I am going to research it. 
If anyone knows anything about this I would LOVE to hear from you since I am still considering the dolls, just would like to research it a bit first. (They are a bit spendy, that's why I am being cautious . ) 
He said he had see them before made with two dolls, this was the first time he had seen four.
(they are fairly heavy for their size, maybe filled with sand?)

And then..............................

Mammoth ivory......
Over 10,000 years old.
ME: "Bernie.....this is so cool....where did you get it?"
BERNIE: "I bought it from a guy that used to live in a remote area
in Alaska. He would go up there and stay....every couple of weeks or so a plane 
would drop him some supplies.
He would walk along the creeks (it might have been rivers) and find these pieces
of tusks that the water uncovered"

So of course...I had to buy some..............

This is what I bought..........
Mammoth Ivory, a Tusk, some Nails.... Walrus or Sea Lion  

Box of Ivory
The color on those old teeth is amazing.

Bernie does have other cool stuff,

More photos than most.....................

Are you getting the picture??

This photo of The oriental Embalming School has been there
for a long time......Bernie bought the estate of the owners of
that business......but that's a story for another day.

Make no mistake, Bernie has lots of other stuff.....his business card says.....
Hard to find, interesting old stuff, movie and TV show props, Roseville, etc.
Something for everyone I would think.

I only bought one other thing...........................

A little book ..."Annals of old Angeline"
by Bertha Piper Venen

Angeline "Mika Yahoos Delate Kloshe"
was the daughter of Chief Seattle,the leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Tribes during the times of the first Seattle settlers. Angeline has always fascinated me,

Don't you love her face? A little Indian princess, lived in a
little shack along the Seattle waterfront, selling her baskets,
(and some say .....still does :)

But.....Bernie gave me something................

He bought the estate of a man called "Cowboy Bill". Cowboy Bill
lived in the Seattle area, drove a car with bull horns on the front,
the whole deal. These were part of the estate. I told him I would make something out of these.
They are from the 70's, but smell like yesterday!
Any ideas??

Bernies Antiques
8826 NE Bothell Way
Bothell, WA. 98011




  1. Oh how I'd love to go diggin' at Bernie's - what fun finds.
    Thanks for stoppin' by - you're right - it's a scorekeeper from a pool hall.


  2. Wowww, would have loved to visit Bernie's Antique with you... Great finds... I never heard of Death Dolls either... Saw some similar dolls in Sheila Paines book but they were from Russia and used to protect living people... Did you get to hold them in your hands? Did you have a good feeling holding them? It's something I would consider besides the price... maybe you could make something similar with old scraps of fabric or with some antiqued( with tea) fabric... Princess Angeline fascinates me too... I "met" her some 15 years ago through the work of Edward Curtis... talking about Native Americans... ever "met" Ishi ? His story is haunting... The ivory and tusks are cool, what are you going to make with them?
    Thanks for sharing those pictures! :)

  3. What an AMAZING place! Thank you so much for the virtual tour -- I'd love to see it in person. All those cogs and metal bits would be lovely to have to make steampunk art pieces. I've never heard of death dolls, but they look and sound very interesting...

  4. What a cool place. I love the fact that Bernie is there to tell stories, true or not! He adds to the interest and the color of the place. I would love to hang out there and dig through all the stuff/treasure. Love the old Copenhagen boxes - they remind me of the 70's when my brother always had one in his back pocket.

  5. OK, I might be drooling just a little bit...what great stuff and such a cool place...I simply must get out more. I think I might have to take a road trip Sunday to some of my fave haunts, you've stirred the pot now...wonder what I'll find...heehee!!!

  6. This was so much fun to read and see. Are those death dolls attached to each other?

  7. That shop is a real find. I just can imagine finding some little hidden treasures in there. I bet it would take awhile to explore it all. Thanks for sharing, I am you're newest follower. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  8. Gayle, My oh My!!! What a treasure trove of goodies. I could spend a fortune in there. Also, i'm not saying these dolls are reproduced but, when we were in south america these dolls were everywhere. They were making them and they all looked very old. I bought one. I'll post it. Maybe i can send you some money and you can pick out some cool jug material.

  9. Yes please, post yours so I can see it! I have to say, I have spent a great deal of time online trying to find out something about them and NOTHING!! That thought had crossed my mind,
    but I quickly brushed it away. So, since you bought one.....what did they tell you that you were buying? Thanks sooooooo much Cathi!!

  10. Bernie's sounds like an ultra cool place to uncover unique items that could make some really interesting Art.

    I don't know much about South American culture, though I do have a Friend from El Salvador so I am curious about the Death Dolls story. If they were recovered from burial sites personally I would not possess them since I would consider that a Sacred item meant for the Dead and not the Living... but if you have a Peace about it!? I would research it more if only to authenticate them before investing a lot & have an expert take a gander to ensure they don't just have a good 'story' and might be a Tourist piece. *winks*

    This was such an interesting Post... I particularly loved the old Bone... that will make amazing Art!!! Can't wait to see what creative Masterpiece you come up with using them!!!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. OMG, what a shop. Nothing makes me more thrilled than a good find. I wish I could be with you to hunt the treasures:)

  12. I am guessing Bernies is a favorite stop when you are looking for great 'making' stuff. Thanks for the peek. Amazing dolls.
    - Joy