Monday, June 13, 2011


This weekend I went to a small sale near my daughters house. We were supposed
to be painting, but had to run to the store and well.......................
I am thinking maybe the sale sign had a magnet in it.
(My daughter claims I gave her whiplash turning into the sale.)

Anyway, I love my prims...hardly ever find them at garage sales
It was only when I was unloading the boxes to get a quick shot of
them that I realized that the Dye box was all there. When I put it on my pile at the sale I barely glanced at it and thought it was just the inset. I have another Putman Dye box but it is much heavier, in fact wood.
I have seen metal ones but this is the first time I have seen one where the graphics are on paper.
Does anybody know which are oldest?

Marilyn , if you want this box for Libby Dog  for her leashes, brushes
or's yours!!

I don't really know why I bought THESE BOXES
I don't need THESE BOXES
I just couldn't resist THESE BOXES 
I better think of something to do with THESE BOXES!!!!!

It's really hard after buying for resale to find something at a good price 
that you would have normally bought.......and walk away!!!

Maybe I have a little sale of my own in my future.........???????

Working around  the place  yesterday we did some "junking" too.
Gary found me this owl feather that one of our resident owls dropped.
It's the first one we have found.
We had been hearing him all morning calling to another owl, must have heard back something he liked and took off in a hurry.
The owls have been here for 3-4 years now.
Barred owls we think.
But they are slackin', for as many as I hear we shouldn't have ANY rabbits pestering us in the garden.

Other treasures from "yard junking" this weekend.
Hope you had a good one!!



  1. From Libby: Yes, I would love to have the Libby box. I am sure that Mares has a lovely orchid that she could use for trade.

  2. Your boxes are very cool. I can see why you couldn't resist.

  3. What a sweet idea for the Libby box...too cute...I have an old tea box that I use in the bathroom for all the flip-flops that get kicked all over the the feathers...I'm starting to save chicken feathers for when I start painting chickens again, thought I would add one to the mix and possibly a poem to go along with and maybe a lil' bundle of straw...I know, the brain never stops...!

    I'm gonna check out that jewelry book too, I think it's sumthin I could get into, what a great idea...and your garden looks wonderful, what a find with all the lumber, next year I'm gonna borrow your window idea for those tender babies that I set out...this year was sure a bummer for getting a jump on the planting, I hardly got any strawberries, I think the frosts got the blossoms.

    Well, here I sit with a Hershey bar and a cup of's raining again, but I did get the sno-peas picked for lunch, groomed 4 dogs this mornin', so I guess a break is deserved, as well as the chocolate...CAN"T HELP IT...I'M AN ADDICT!!!

    I hear Cathie C. has a special package...heehee...I love her, she is just the best!!!

    See ya....s

  4. Wow! What great treasures! I particularly like the one with all the cubbyholes. We never have anything that good at garage sales in Vegas.

    No owls at our house, only mockingbirds. Mama is so fierce that we can't let the cats out. She even smacked me on the behind as I was bending over to do some weeding.

    Alas! the book is unavailable at both my Borders and Barnes & Noble, so I'll have to Amazon it.

    Your lawn is really looking blue now -- so pretty. Well, off to plant some pumpkins and cucumbers...

  5. You're sure you're not my long lost sister? I have a thing about boxes too... and I always pick up stuff like feathers, rocks, rusty things... The boxes are awesome! Great finds! What are you going to do with the feathers?