Wednesday, June 8, 2011


SPEAKING OF TALISMANS...(ok, it was just me......)                                                                  

Yesterday I decided to sit out the rain at my local Barnes and Noble book store.
Loaded up with all my favorite magazines, a few books and a cup of coffee,
I found a big ol' chair in a back corner and settled in. 
This is the one that caught my eye and had to come home with me...........................

Here's a brief quote from the book:

(when coming upon a home where a curandera, or healing woman
was once thought to have lived)
........."I came to an old adobe house that was quite dilapidated, but I could tell it had been 
loved long ago. I decided to go in and take a look through the cobwebs and dust. It was there that I spotted the old prescription book. Leather-bound, with the names of her patients, illnesses and the how-to information to make her healing jewelry"......................................  

NO, this isn't a novel, it is an actual book on making jewelry .
There is for example directions for......"believe-in-myself "bracelet, and French tells why she chose the components she did and what properties each is believed to possess.

It's a fun read as well as giving very detailed and complete directions for making 
the different jewelry projects. 

Frenchs' bio says she is a "curandera" (healing woman)
from a small Texas town. If you like a little folklore and herbs
mixed in with your jewelry making this might be a good book for you.
It's also available at Amazon, but I didn't want to wait..............
You can also find French at:



  1. Sounds like something I'd love. Thanks for the tip! Still no sun?

  2. Wow, who could have guessed. Sounds fascinating. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.
    - Joy

  3. Ohhhh so interesting... thanks for sharing... I'm off to check it on amazon! Thanks Gayle! :)

  4. This book caught my eye in the bookstore too... I just looked at the pictures (lazy me)... now I'll have to read some of it when I go back for my freebie preview of it. I spend way too much on books so I cannot buy every one that catches my eye *le sigh*... I'm waiting for delivery of one right now that I bought online called GYPSET STYLE. Had never seen it in a bookstore and discovered it via a Post in the Land Of Blog... where so many great finds are discovered!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog! I have got you entered for my Giveaway. Good Luck!

    This truly looks like an interesting book!