Friday, July 15, 2011

Turquoise and Fossil


I love these........
Fire Opal Cleoniceras Ammonite .
So smooth, like glass ......and iridescent like an opal.
But these were once alive and became extinct with the dinosaurs.
Now a fossil.

Big chunky turquoise beads with lots of brown,

More of those antique agate beads,
I only have a few left, I love the color varigations.
I need to find more of them!

On one side a piece of a trade bead, still nice even though broke,
on the other a bead with similar color.
I put the closure on the side and made it so it is adjustable.
It can be worn as a choker, with extra chain hanging down
or longer if you wanted to wear it with other pieces.
Turquoise and Fossils.........two of my favorite things!


  1. Were we sisters in another life??? You have shared the elements of my existence in a beautiful piece of jewelry...I love fossils and anything Native tribal, yet simple Earth elements become OUTSTANDING!!! I have simply got to get my butte in gear before the holidays(ewwww)arrive!!!

    But alas, my mini-tiller has arrived, so guess where I'll be all day Sunday in the sweltering heat n humidity of guessed it...sigh!

    Have a sunny weekend!!!

  2. It's gorgeous, Gayle! I love turquoise and fossils too, not very hard to guess! :)
    I'm sure you will get loads of compliments when you wear it!
    Have a great weekend!,
    Hugs :)

  3. I love the antique agate. I can't wait to see the entire piece. Wow!

  4. Whoa! What a cool fossil. I LOVE opal and that is just so gorgeous!!!

  5. How beautiful these are!!! And I'm so glad I can finally leave a comment. What a pain. Haven't wanted to post again until I can answer comments.
    Thanks for welcoming me back.

  6. I live the rich color play....pretty!

  7. Beautiful...thank you for your sweet comment. One of our highest compliments.

    Deb @ Garden Party ;)