Monday, July 11, 2011

Blueberry Chutney


I saw this recipe for Blueberry Chutney 
on Deryn Mentocks blog, Something Sublime.
It sounded so good I knew I was going to try it.  
Yes, it's that good!
It's meant to go on meat, but I don't always want to eat meat 
and tried it on a cracker. (I would probably eat it from a spoon)
It is very savory, very yummy. You can adjust some of the ingredients to your tastes I would think.
If you would like to try it, here's the link to her blog.

I would add this: for me the recipe only made 4  4 oz jars,
plus a spoon or two  :)
I am going to make more and going to try doubling the recipe this next time.
I also have a few bags of blueberries left in the freezer that I need to 
use before I go pick again  this year,
so I am going to try using frozen instead of fresh. 
Does anybody know of a reason why that shouldn't work?  
(I did use fresh this time)

Thanks Deryn, at our house we are loving this!!


  1. Mmmmmmmm, sounds terribly yummy, think I'll have blueberries on my yogurt this AM...we are going through a major drought right now, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, I'm having to water the veggies every day now...sounds like a good day to make freezer jam, strawberry/rhubarb is the berry of rhubarb a will be today!

  2. This sounds different. I don't have experience with chutneys. Is it like salsa? I like mango salsa, so maybe fruit chutney is similar?

  3. Ooooooooooooh looks and sounds delicious! Made some red and black currants jam today! and noticed some black berry bushes on my walk... some were ripe but most were still green... guess next week they'll be ready... let's hope no one noticed them! ;)

  4. The blueberry corral is about to have ripe berries. I will give this a try. Thanks.

  5. YUM! This sounds so good! It is fig season down here and I made fig preserves today :) Isn't summer great!

  6. It's very flavorful, which I love, but not everyone does, so I'm glad you liked it!

  7. For years I would go to Oak Creek near Sedona, AZ to pick blackberries and then make jam. Your chutney post makes me want to go again this year!
    But for now, I'm going to get your friend's recipe... YUM!