Saturday, July 23, 2011

A bit of inspiration........


Found at a little antique..and...bits and pieces shop.....


Found together........but different

Both have additions and repairs

I think these are old...............but I am not sure,
Lately it seems my old radar is a bit  wonky..................
any idea???

You can enlarge the photo to see better.



  1. Afghanistan or somewhere close... I have bits and pieces from Syria ( like the coils and bells on these earrings)... but the colored glass on the first earring tells me Afghanistan... They are gorgeous anyway... are you going to wear them or are you going to use them in one of your projects? And I really wish you lived closer...I'd love to go "hunting" with you!

  2. The second one looks old, the first one looks more modern. Can't be sure, but I've seen a bit of these through my belly dancing. They are lovely and probably really heavy, yes? I have some and can only wear them for a short time, as they pull my ears and hurt. BTW, I have an idea for your crone/critters. I make wise woman pins from Sculpy clay and the faces are easy. I'll try to get a picture taken and email you this evening :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my studio tour! I think the jewelry bits are from Afghanistan or Pakistan; I buy stuff like this when it's inexpensive. Some of the stones are glass and maybe old, some stones are plastic which isn't so old, but it all looks like it had a hard life! I love your saber-tooth necklace!

  4. beautiful! thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my piece! you have an amazing blog! love the victorian memory jugs! just lovely.

  5. I love your new treasures. I wish i could go hunting with you too!! Old or new they are beautiful!

  6. AWESOME...Cathie and I were just talking yesterday how much we would love going treasure hunting with you...what great finds!!!

    She brought the earrings down AND I LOVE THEM...what a cleaver girl using old tintypes, can't wait to see how your wheels turn on these fabulous gems!!!

    Great stuff!!!

  7. Loving the Tribal adornments, so very Boheme' and what a great 'score'! They look like they could possibly be Kuchi Tribal adornments... they are lovely.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. o m g ! i love memory jugs i want one i never see them i found one at a shop once but it was on an old masen jar the bottem was missing i guess thats why i dint get it . cool outhouse story ! hay give me a call if you need help with moving a outhouse i can tell you how i do it (815)621-6484 thanks cool blog!

  9. They are Kuchi, made in India, and could have exported from Afghanistan. They are old, but I'm not sure how old (the women tend not to pass jewelry down intact, but to melt and create new pieces with it, so "old" probably means 20-50 years. (I'm an amateur collector of Indian, middle eastern, and north African ethnic jewelry).

  10. I had a boyfriend working in Iran once and he bought me a belt there that looked somewhat similar...
    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday - we DO like a lot of the same things! I found yours to be wondeful and I'm planning to come back often!

  11. Great stuff! You did really great shopping, love your new treasures.