Friday, July 29, 2011

A Good Day......

              This morning.......

    I am working on a new memory jug...
and hit a wall!!
Can't find those certain few pieces that will tie it all together.

So in my raggity, paint splattered , holey jeans
I ran to town to poke through a couple of shops.

Didn't find a single thing for my jug......
But don't you just love those old tin beakers!!!

I am not passing up old photos of cowgirls!!

Likely the only tomatoes I'll get this year.....
Hmmmmm.....maybe I'll go hang these in the garden..................

Speaking of is the new garden gate.
I am now rabbit proof....soon to be
deer proof!!

          This afternoon...........................

Dyeing raggity bits for the critter/crones that are
going to live in my quilt, and hanging them
on bushes to dry.

My window boxes aren't anything to brag about this year,
but I noticed when I deadheaded these black petunias
that my fingers were purple.
Has anybody ever tried to use them for dyeing?

My partner in crime
Looks sweet and innocent doesn't she??....... HA!!

I should mention that the sweet little coin purses and the Queen Victoria beaker mug
came from a new shop here in Duvall.........called.....

Smashing Rubbish Studio & Vintage General Store.

owned by Jennette Neilsen, who I just realized lives right up the street from me!!
Her business card describes the store as:

Boho-Naturalist Styling, Decoration and Design.

I wish I had photos 'cuz it's a really cool shop. But I am sure I will be back there soon and I will be better prepared.
I wish her all the luck and success because her shop is a breath of fresh air for this area,
more like what you would find in a larger city.

By the way Jennette has a blog
check it out, I am sure she will be posting photos of her cute store soon!

Hope you had a good day too!!


  1. Wowww you've been busy! A new memory jug in the making? Can't wait to see it... Did I spot a new skull on the first pic? Looks like it was a good 'hunt' or 'harvest'... my mum has a tomato pin cushion... so I see it was the craze there as well a few years ago.
    You should give a try the dyeing with the petunia...
    And your partner in crime has a smile that says "partner in crime",she's a Corgi, isn't she?
    Hope you're weekened will be as fun and busy as your Friday! Big hugs to you!

  2. Happy to have stumbled over here via Steph's, love what I see and your banner I guess is one of your memory jugs. Would love to see more!!

  3. I love good folk art and memory jugs are in my top three art forms. Takes a lot of patience and skill...I'm impressed!

  4. "What is a memory jug?" she asks, always on the lookout for a new project. Wow, those black petunias are striking. Glad to see the crone critters are coming along. I have both a tomato pincushion (my tomatoes aren't doing so much, either -- too hot) and one of those coin purses. It belonged to my grandfather and is filled with all kinds of strange coins he picked up in his travels. The gate is really cool. Horseshoes? What a sweet partner in crime. One of mine is roaming the house howling to be let outside (Sophy). Looks like you are having great fun. Keep it up ;)

  5. What a great gate! Love the goodies, too. Sometimes a little treasure shopping is just what the creative soul needs to get up and moving again!


  6. Love this blog and all the ideas. I had a corgi several years ago that is a ringer for your dog. I still miss our Miss (short for Mistletoe Magic). Not my choice of name, but the breeders.