Thursday, July 21, 2011

Antique Crazy Quilt ....again!


This ol' crazy is dated 1908 and was found in Virginia.
(according to seller)

Lots of birds on this quilt, lots of stitching....

The usual shattered silk, but somehow I don't mind

Early brocades and velvets

Most dry cleaners won't touch these old girls, so bear that in mind if
you get a yearning to own one.
And.... they most likely wouldn't stand up to any kind of machine washing.
I am not buying these for bedding , but still want them to be somewhat clean and fresh.
(If you are buying online remember your idea of musty and the sellers may differ!!)
I wanted these for art projects. 
No, not to cut up, they are too important in their own right for that.
I am going to put rings in the top so they can be used as curtains ,
(for across doors)
and then I am going to make "critters" that live in them.......
I am not sure what these "critters" are going to look like.....
won't know that until I start the process........
but I will show as I go.............

I am just going to tuck the "critters" here and there in the more fragile parts of the quilt,
I may have to use pockets or slings.........
Again, I will figure it out as I go............
But ....they still have to undergo a process before they can come into the house or studio
(where these are eventually headed for)
First I air them in the sun, usually over the porch railing.
Sometimes for a few days.
Second......any spot cleaning they might need,
and good ol Fabreeze !!
And lastly, and maybe most important..........
they get a stint in the freezer, rolled up in a bag.
Most of these ol' girls have a bit or more of wool in them.
and I have toooooo many old Pendletons,
rugs, and other moth candy in this house
to not take precautions.
So into the freezer for a few weeks to make sure any
nasties or their eggs are long gone.
Trust's necessary.
Losing one of your favorite vintage beaded sweaters
to moths teaches patience real fast!!!

Two ol' crazies...".taking the air"
Can you picture my project? What do ya think?
I promise (almost) no more crazies!!

Other going ons................

I have developed a fondness for these little canning jars....
filling them with summer!!
(raspberry/rhubarb jam)

There are "new fliers" everywhere around here.....
AND their neurotic moms.........
There were several smaller owl feathers here and there in yard and garden
yesterday...........I think from a newbie........
I hope it's alright.
(by the way.....feathers get the freezer treatment as well)

I wish I could send some of you people that are burning/drying  up some of our rain, 
cuz guess's raining like a maniac here today.
(again, still, always)  



  1. Yet again our storm split in two at the I-80 corridor, going just North and South of us...GEESH...but for some reason it doesn't feel as hot...or maybe I'm acclimating...WHATEVER!

    I love the velvet quilt, what great colors, you are such an addict...ha...can't wait to see what you do with the critters.

    I just picked up a macrame plant hanger at the Good Will for one of my big plants, I'm going for that Bohemian look in my parlor, I'm thinking that a crazy quilt would be awesome hanging as curtains in the winter...uh oh, now you got my wheels turnin', I'm thinking of starting up my Victorian lampshade biz Bohemian is that...decadent fer sure!

    Oh, BTW, my cuckoo clock has a little bird that just goes Coo-hick...I think he's been a little too much at the feeder...but what a hoot to hear it...have a wet one(you dirty rat)!!!

  2. Another gorgeous quilt! I'm curious about the critters... :)
    And thanks for sharing the freezer tip, I would have never thought about that...
    Your little jars are really cute and I bet their content is yummy!
    And no thanks to the rain... we have enough here... but maybe we can swap our rains... want some Belgian rain?
    Big hugs to you! :))

  3. Oh, PLEASE send rain! It's so hot here. We spent the morning chainsawing dead trees in our back yard. What an adventure...Everyone still has all their body parts; for this I am grateful. Wonderful quilt. What sorts of critters? Can't wait to see :)