Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Ebay Love !!!

Oh look! The mailman has brought me a little Ebay love!! Let's open it and see!!

                                                    A MEMORY JUG!!!             

This memory jug is "guesstimated"  to be  from the late 1880's according to the seller on Ebay. After looking it over that would be my guess as well.  It is only about 7 1/2 inches high and a few pieces have fallen off over the years. It has some interesting items on it, lets check it out:
How about I enlarge the photos?

Wishbone, domino, thimble, clock key, starfish, buttons, and of course ....the ubiquitous peach pit!

Bisque doll, more buttons, a tiny file, shells, mother of pearl belt buckle, Mass. volunteer militia button.The buckle with the trojans (?) on it looks like a cape closure.

Perfume bottle stopper, hinge, glass acorn, petrified wood, little red game piece, shells, buttons,

More mother of pearl, a little bucket (hanging on the right), and in the middle of all the nuts, beads and I don't even know what favorite thing.....the military crossed swords. They look and feel to be brass? Are they off a hat? uniform?  If anyone knows please let me know , they are the real reason I wanted this jug so bad.
 OK, that's my junking for today! I really prefer to stand in line..... in the rain...... behind all the early birds at estate sales to get my treasures, with a number of , oh, I don't know 100 or so. It's much better than sitting in my warm house, in my jammies, with a cup of coffee and a cookie (or 2) in front of my computer, BUT.....I can't seem to ever find jugs around here.  I am convinced it's  more of a southern or East coast type of thing.

But hey!!!!!!Ebay is better than nothing!!

(seriously, any info about the crossed swords would be welcome! They are metal)


  1. The memory jug is cool, I don't know anything about the crossed swords but will keep my ears open when watching my 'junk' shows. But I did notice that it looked liked the mailman delivered more than one box of eBay love. One that you did not share... hmmmmmm.

  2. Hi Frost Creek, someone sent me a link that has helped me determine that they are brass insignia from a hat, still don't know exact time frame. I am thinking the Mass. button might be a good place to start. So yes please, lets keep looking!(other box? what other box?:)

  3. Love, love, love memory jugs!, I have one with crusty old gold paint and am so jealous of yours. It is wonderful! Thanks for your visit to hill country house. We are kindred spirits!