Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Wanted It Really Really Bad!!!

Have you ever bid on something at bid.....and bid.....and were up against someone that seemed to have no limit?   I have. When the auction was over and you were on the way home, alone in your car, did you cry?  I did. I was bidding on an antique Tibetan childs (toddler) tunic type top. Probably meant for special occasion or ceremonial use based on the fact that it had quite a lot of Tibetan silver beads hanging on the front of it. It was quilted and the outer layer was woven and the inside layer was a faded rose floral cotton print. It was an unusual combination. (at first glance I thought it was Native American)
I took one look at it and knew that it could be the inspiration for the new direction I wanted to go in  my jewelry making. A bit tribal, Asian, primitive, mixed with a bit " western cowgirl".  (hey...stop laughing, it could happen!)
Eventually, ( lots of weird...I don't quite know why I am crying... tears later ) I realized I could be inspired  by the tunic, even tho I didn't own it. However, next time I see the winning bidder I am going to ask her if she would consider letting me take some photos of it to put on my inspiration board.

In the meantime.....I found this piece of undyed jade..a bit of an odd color actually, and used it with some greenish and brown torquoise. Stones I would usually think of using in a more western type piece of  jewelry. The white stones are howlite, there is some white rosary beads, and a couple of religious medals. I am not there yet, and these aren't the colors I am yearning for, but it is the direction I am heading.

(If you just happen to have a darling  antique Tibetan childs tunic  hanging me!!!)

On a more serious note,  while searching the internet for traditional Tibetan clothing I came across a lot of sites with information for FREE TIBET. I had no idea that The Tibetan people had been  basically "without a country" for my whole lifetime.  If it is something you would like to know more about  you can go to :





  1. When that happens to me at auctions I spend the following days wondering if just a couple dollars more might have made me the winner. Maybe that last bid was the other bidder's "limit". Then unfortunately that thought carries through with me to the next auction where I over bid, win and go home kicking myself for paying too much. Where did I leave that crystal ball?

  2. Hi Frost Creek, You are right. If I would have had any idea how losing that bid would affect me I would have bid more. Hindsight and crystal balls!! Where are they when you need them??