Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tracy Porter Online Catalog
If you haven't seen the Tracy Porter catalog you are missing out. The clothes are amazing and come in a wide range of sizes.  NO, this isn't my usual kind of post....but if you go to her blog you will see that the giveaway is for a pair of cowboy boots!!! And I have to admit I am addicted to cowboy boots!!! And if I am going to sell out for will be THE BOOTS!!! Go check it out, bet you will be blogging boots too!!

(catalog photo and graphics from Tracy Porter Blog)


  1. Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment. Oh you will enjoy your 2 week stay in Arizona. There are tons of Thrift Stores and fab Antique Districts/Shops for those of us who adore Found Treasures! A few of my favs:

    7th Avenue just North of Indian School Road has Zinnias At Melrose, Rust & Roses, Sirens & Saints, Frilly Frocks, Paris Envy

    On McDowell just West of 7th Ave is Sage.

    There is the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall on Cactus just West of the Black Canyon Freeway

    There is Thieves Market the 1st Saturday of the month in Cave Creek

    Historic Downtown Glendale had tons of Antique Stores and Thrifts

    There is a huge Swap Meet on Washington and about 27th Street (haven't been there in a while)

    That's to name just a few and the local City Tourism offices could probably tell you of all the other hot spots to have fun in the Sun!

    Have fun and let me know how your trip goes and how many fab Treasures you scored! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Oh I almost forgot Not Too Shabby at 11649 N. Cave Creek Road... it's one of my favs and in a small Antique Mall that has several other great Shops!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Dawn thank you so much! I think I have heard of Sirens and Saints....maybe from your blog? I will let you know how I do, I plan on packing light in case the Junking Gods are smiling:)....
    Thanks Again,