Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

MEMORY JUG........

I am still not quite sure how I feel about this jug, although as I have finished it , stepped away, and come back,  it is growing on me. It takes a lot of items to make a memory jug. I thought I had enough left over and tucked away from making other jugs to do one more.. but it was touch and go. The GOOD news is I cleaned up another area of my workspace. AND that I now need to go junking for more jug material. The BAD news is it takes time to find enough stuff. And I usually like to have some sort of "theme" going on in my head while making a jug so it can take even more time. 

This jug does have a fair amount of fun and interesting things on it..........for example.. a pair of old false teeth. My neice bought one of those old folding sewing baskets at an antique store. When she got it home and took a good look at the contents she found the pair of dentures. ( Don't you wonder about that story? and did the dealer know that they were in there?) She was really creeped out and told me she was going to throw them away.....I immediately yelled "NO! I want to put them on a jug!!" So she mailed them to me, and they are on this jug. (see them?) Ok, I admit I was a bit creeped out as well, but  "all in the name of art?" I have never painted over everything on a jug before like most of the antique ones are, but I think this one might be a good candidate for painting. I 'll have to think about that while it is drying. It might look better under a layer of paint.  :)


The most valuable lesson I learned this weekend was that if you plant 90 gladiolus bulbs using organic bulb food/fertilizer......containing lots of stinky stuff .....you should turn down your loud music and have a look behind you once in a while. There is a very good chance your corgi/dog  is happily coming along right behind you digging them ALL up to see what that "yummy" smell is all about.                                                        


  1. I am still smiling picturing your bulb planting buddy happily investigating organic stink.
    Imagine the stories the teeth on your memory jug may generate 50 years and beyond from now. I am picturing a woman working on the jug, more comfortable without her dentures in but with them close by in case of company, and next thing she knows she has the teeth on the jug,what was she thinking?

  2. I'm LUVIN' the jug, especially the teeth...you are one sick dude...a like that in a person...HA!
    And I love Corgis and vampires...yes we must have a lot in common, I so miss the Beckman Boys since I had my cable removed...but you can have the pickerboyz, I know them...funny how fame can change a person and not always for the good!

    I like the gold paint you put on the jug, it really gives it that old patina, I always rub on cinnamon too, to give it that dusty look.

    I'm puttin' ya on my side bar...K...and it ain't the soap that gives me the energy...it's 'NO MAN' in my life...invigorating!!! LOL!!!


  3. I like this Jug very much! And I like what you had to say on my wee hours of the Morning Post... can you only tell that wrestling with this particular decision has kept me up last night? *winks* I've made and unmade similar decisions professionally too... which is why I'm almost certain I will balance my Art with my Life's Pursuits and never really consider it as a 'full time' career that I need to be as focused on as others would perhaps like me to be. *smiles* Pieces are sold before I make them and perhaps I should be grateful for that, but I don't much like that kind of pressure to perform... though to be sure I have THE MOST patient recipients of each piece EVER! They have to be, because I refuse to make Art my Life's priority right now so it comes behind Family and personal Life. No stress that way and the enjoyment of creation remains intact. I only have one deadline piece lined up for a Birthday, as a special favor to some special Friends... and I can handle that... one piece at a time. *winks*

    Happy Spring and thanks for weighing in on the dilemma... Dawn... The Bohemian