Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moss Gardening


This morning I took a cup of coffee, a camera, and a corgi (no easy task) to go for a wander in the yard and garden. It quickly became apparent that :  1. We are absolutely waterlogged from all the rain we have been receiving and any bulbs planted right now would rot.  2. In our little clearing in the woods the moss is thriving !!

                                    garden helper.....Bella

It's pretty hard to get rid of moss when you don't want to use chemicals so I GIVE UP!!!!! I am going to EMBRACE THE MOSS!!! There is a certain beauty to it (see me trying to embrace...) and it does tend to give things that "vintage look" that a lot of us like. So.... in the spirit of acceptance, I tried to capture some of the moss "beauty" in my yard already:

                                         the moss has happily devoured this pot!!!!!

                                                        soft mossy edging...........
crumbling rock wall...........................

old log........................

lion hiding in the moss.....

no moss growing on her!!!

I know there are some beautiful moss gardens out there, and books and blogs about moss gardening, so  I will have to explore .  I'll keep you updated on my progress....or lack there of.

One other oddity in the garden this morning.....I cover this sphinx every winter because she wants to crumble...take a look at her eyes...........I used to think she was beautiful, now .....still beautiful but sort of eerie?

There is something going on with the cement, as she ages the brown on her is almost glass-like.

I think this moss gardening could be an interesting venture, I am excited to delve into it, and as you can see, I have a head start!!

"Late in life I have come on fern. Now lichens are due to have their turn"
                                                           Robert Frost

Have a good day!!


  1. What is so funny to me is that we ADORE Moss and the ambiance it gives but alas, in the Desert, its not going to be something we can have gracing our Gardens. *le sigh* What is a nuisance in one part of the Country, because it is common, can be coveted in another part of the Country where it is rare and scarce. *winks*

    Thanks for coming by my Sage Post, yes the Shop is a fav of mine and has items difficult to find in Arizona. The Proprietor is also an interior Designer and it shows in how effortlessly she decorates the Shop... it isn't easy to have something appear "undecorated" and so natural.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... and I'm glad you're embracing the Moss! *smiles*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I really like the lion in the moss, how great that something accidental turned out so perfect. May I print the picture for personal use? Thanks for sharing a Bella moment.