Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 Took a Little Trip....................................

We went on a quick little roadtrip between
Christmas and New Years.................
 stopped at a couple of antique stores................
This is what I found........Do you know what it is?

Does this help?
OK, totally out of scale, I know.
There were two very nice (correct size) madonnas there as well,
But I had to make a choice, and thought I could easily
find another Madonna at a later time.
The niche......maybe not.
This niche is from a church in Oregon.
Maybe a wall outside?
The back part has not been exposed, 
so it was obviously built into something.
I love the chippy blue color!!!!
This spring we would like to do something "grotto like"
with it in the garden.  On a VERY small scale.
We have a lot of rocks and pertified wood that we could use,
and probably some rusty and crusty with it as well. 
A memory jug grotto??????

The only other things I brought home.............
some 30's fabric and two old Chinese frames.

The frames won't stay straight so I decided they were perfect for the
this room , 
the one we call ..."The Burrow".

We were sad to see that one of our favorite antique stores was no longer there, and that another of our favorites had downsized.
One of the dealers we talked to said:

"I am just barely making it. It's in my blood so I am not quitting, but it gets harder every day.
Between paying my rent and comission, and my road expenses.......It's just hard.
Not to mention it gets harder and harder to find quality merchandise."

Don't forget, each dealer is a small business........
buying vintage or used is a great way to BE GREEN,
and more fun than composting!!



  1. Ha-ha! "The Burrow" -- I love it! I AM SO JEALOUS. I want to go road tripping with you. Can't wait to see your grotto :)

  2. Right on sista, so what am I gonna do...a booth at The Junk Asylum, well it's mostly for my soaps, but ya gotta have the trash to attract the attention, we'll see how it goes, she has been very busy and I need another outlet for my stuff, sooooo...

    What a great grotto and what fun in your garden...hmmmm...the wheels are turnin'...why do you do that to me!!!

  3. I'm so happy for you finding those treasures! I never even took pix of what I picked up in the States...that's a project for another day. I can't wait to see your niche in the garden. And the pix frames on the wall...look perfect with that wallpaper/faux finish behind them. Good Hunting!

  4. Oh mylanta...I love it and the idea of a memory jug grotto...genius.
    I have a wonderful piece hanging in my bathroom. I'll have to send you a photo of it. It's rocks, shells, and I just love it. You will too.
    P.S. I'll e-mail it to you as soon as I get my camera back working. It's temporarily broken..grrr!

  5. Oh mam oh man, that's a fantastic niche. I knew what it was right off. The patina. To boot. What agreat scor!!! I hear that all the time from dealers. It is sad. It's hard to find good stuff.

  6. It's definitely more fun than composting!
    I absolutely love everything. That Mary in her grotto reminds me of the Portuguese churches in Goa and Kerala, the statutes have that delightful patina of age after all the monsoons and humidity of the past 250 years. x

  7. Ooooh that niche... it's beautiful... what a great project that grotto is! :)
    What are you going to do with the fabric? it's gorgeous! And the frames look great in the Burrow! Big Hugs to you ma soeur du lointain grand pays! ;)

  8. the center photo completely sends me...
    mary of the chippy blue, far closer to heaven then the art of composting, yet all green is holy.

  9. Loving your Niche, it's gorgeous! Until you get a larger Madonna you could build up around her with Altar Art and Florals... I LOVE making Altars, I have them everywhere... some of my Friends joke that I have more Altars than most Churches! *LOL* I agree, supporting Small Businesses is the way to go, I do 50% of my shopping at Small Businesses and ALL of my Junquing is from Individuals or Small Dealers and Shops... I've been going Green before it was fashionable. *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. You're right...that supporting local vintage shops is shopping green.

    I adore! the niche!

  11. What beautiful finds...The Madonna is so lovely...You have got me wanting to go junking now!! :) I agree with the rest of the girls...shopping at local vintage shops is very green!!

  12. This Vierge Marie(Madonna) is magnificent, quite how nest, it is a big luck to find the same objects!
    I share completely your point of view with the recycling because in more these objects have a soul, personally I buy almost nothing more new oops …
    Thank you for your good wishes, he is now going to need that I apply even more to try to make attractive things, pfff, a real challenge!
    That 2012 is of the happiest and most creative for you!

    Beautiful day

  13. Saw some architectural elements just like your "burrow" frames at McMennamin's Old Hotel in McMinnville. I have seen them 100 times, but only paid attention to them a day ago because of your posting.

  14. please take me on your next treasure hunt