Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bit of Horse Gear.....

     Remember this?

The bit of brass reads.............
David P. Cosc.
Malden Mas.
no. 60
(as near as we can make out)

I found this chain complete with the two metal pieces at
an estate sale. I am guessing that since it was
near a box of old horse tack that 
it was also horse gear.
Could No. 60 be the number of the horse?


The view outside my window.........a little bird feeder I made from an old light fixture
and some prisms.
It's seen a lot of action this week!!



  1. Oh my goodness. The horsey piece is soooo cool. You find the most wonderful items. And the bird feeder makes me sigh with happiness. I have always loved lamps and light fixtures and before moving to Colombia had quite a collection. Yours makes me wish I'd done something besides collect!!!

  2. LOVE IT...sorta native punk...and your wool creation is to die for! I hate to sew, I break out in a rash when I pull out the machine...I had to laugh on CConz blog, neither of us sew, but we both make hand-sewn lampshades, which is how we met back in the day!

    Love your Native flare...and all yer snow...hehheh...

  3. Sharon hit it Native punk. Making something out of nothing. Love it!!! i wish i could sew. sewing machines confuse me.

  4. Love the bird feeder!
    And LOVE the necklace, it's gorrrrrrrrrgeous! :) you did great with the mahjong pieces... :)))

  5. Your post on my blog made me laugh!! You are right, I don't do much "adorable" - I do worship at the alter of Sharon Wilson, after all!!!

    Love the bird feeder. It's been 50+ in KC. We are spoiled!!!

  6. What a strange interesting necklace! I wonder what its story is about. And the bird feeder, hopefully they are grateful little critters seeing all the beauty they get to behold when they go for the gusto.

    Still having a problem with following you. I totally don't get it.