Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking ahead......Always

I always love these days between Christmas Day and New Years Day. A time of reflection as well as expectation.  And like most everyone else, I like to think about what my goals for the fresh shiny new year will be. This year I am keeping to the same one as last year: Try to be more present in the moment....... live each day to the fullest, well, you get the idea. I am a habitual list maker as well.........I am going to try to ease up on the list making. (I always lose them anyway)

But here's the problem........even as I think those thoughts, write those words,  my mind wanders here.....

To the garden.................................

Where  the garlic is the only thing standing right now..........
but soon..........
And the seed catalogs are arriving daily......
and I am making LISTS of seeds and varieties to try. 

See my problem??

This morning while outside getting some air, I looked at Bella and thought
I need to be more like NOW......
run NOW..........have a bisquit NOW!!!!
Didn't someone write a book .....something like........
"everything I need to know in life to be happy I learned from my dog??"

Wishing you the Happiest New Year ever!!!!!!!


  1. Right NOW is the moment of power!

    More power to you in the upcoming wonderful New Year!!!

  2. Oh, what a sweet puppy! At least you've got garlic coming up. I have a bunch of stuff I need to pull out and put on the compost pile. But you're right, there's that wonderful planning for what goes in the ground next...

    I sent you a card, but have to say this: those earrings are the most AMAZING things I've ever seen. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :))))

  3. List making... I need to make lists too but lists of stuff I will actually do... ;)
    Big Hugs to you and to Bella ( she looks like she knows a thing or two... ;)...) Bonne Année! :)

  4. Gayle, that's funny, I always think I need to make more lists. I waste too much time.bella sure looks. Like a sweet girl. I'll bet she spoiled.

  5. it is always comforting to have something sprouting to life around one. especially in the dark season. gratefully we are now returning to the light, slowly yet surely as our days inch longer! bring on those seed catalogs, just as promising as prayer cards assuring new inspired life!
    happy new year dear friend. looking forward to walking through the seasons of 2012 together.

  6. I was actually out wandering in my garden today, as well...dreaming of spring and new possibilities! Good luck with your goals...right now it feels like we can accomplish anything!

  7. I'd be in jail if I made as much noise as Scratchy, but what a life and it's so true, really, what more does one need...but I'm afraid the Hershey bars would keep me in the moment!

    But it's good to set goals, whether we keep them or not, life goes on, we do the best we can, live to the fullest and still beg for treats just like our's a good life!

    And have a great one friend in this new year and thanks so much for the card...brrrr it's cold in Iowa tonight...think spring!


  8. dear vintage green,
    we share the same guardian mine rises to great you with prayer beads of cinnamon and the comfort of friendship.
    welcome to this bright new day!