Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Bit of Mexico in My Mailbox!

Our Lady..........

Our Lady of Guadalupe

My dear friend Cathie just had a wonderful getaway  
to Mexico with her husband Bill. 
While there she came across a small stand where they were
selling some  pieces of artwork........
She was kind enough to bring this piece home to me.
Don't you love it!! It's painted on a piece of rusty tin,
and has such a great folk artist style.And for me the subject and colors,
couldn't be more perfect!!
Thank you Cathie, thank you for the wonderful gift and thank you
for knowing that it's exactly the kind of thing that 
"this someone" with rust running through her veins would love!!!

If you haven't ever been to Cathies' blog
and are in need of a bit of tropical .........(and right now who isn't)
 pop over and read about her vacation.
She's also an amazing artist, gardener,
 collector , and all around interesting gal......

(In the interest of full disclosure, she's from Iowa,
and you know those Iowa gals are a wild and quirky bunch!
I love 'em!!!)



  1. You are spoiled! I am jealous... gorgeous painting! :)

  2. Once again...kindred spirits. I have a lovely old retablo hanging in my bathroom. The paint is worn, but it's one of my favorite things. Your friend truly is a friend to bring this to you...and obviously knows you very well!

  3. Your welcome Sweetie!! I'm so happy that you liked it. I was so worried when i saw nothing but plastic guadalupe everywhere. Blogging has been such a positive thing for me. I'm met some wonderful new friends. Getting together by mail and posts with like-minded people.

  4. How cool is that?!? What a treasure and I ain't talkin only about the gift! :)

  5. As always, I have the best time here...looking at your treasures and gifts. And seeing what you create...that bird feeder is divine. And that neck wear. Wow, I would love to be your neighbor :)

  6. Beautiful... and don't you just Love the resourcefulness of the Artist using whatever they have on hand to Create Inspired Beautiful Spiritual Art!!! What a great Surprise from a good Friend! One of our Daughters and her Family live in Mexico and the Art there always moves me... such bold use of Color and Craftsmanship that you just don't see much of anymore in the U.S. where so much is mass produced or is very expensive if it is handmade.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. This is very cool! I like it a lot and you are lucky to have such a friend to give it to you. It is rare and so very satisfying to find such a person!!!