Monday, January 9, 2012

Memory Jug #19

The Latest Addition To My Collection.......

I found this memory jug online.........
It came from the Pennsylvania area.
11 1/2inches tall, it's made on a stoneware gin bottle.The items include
wirerim glasses, scissors, keys, metal sword,
wishbone , several interesting buttons,
and of course.....a peach pit!!
This is the second old jug I have bought that has a small bottle on it that has
broke over the years. If you are making one and want it to stand 
the test of time, I would avoid small bottles 
no matter how cute they are.

In The Garden:
Yesterday I planted peas. The weather has been so mild here, almost spring like,
except there isn't the length of days.
For the last two years by the time I could get them in the ground,
 the weather turned so warm that they didn't do very well.
This is my first year with raised beds so I decided
to experiment a bit.
Yes it's early, but if the climate is changing , maybe we have to as well??
(Of course it could start snowing at any moment )
They might not do anything .......not enough sun?
I'll let you know.



  1. Oh love that one! I used to see those kind of bottles in thrift stores here... haven't seen any in years...
    Since last year we have a small peach tree, I'll save a pit for you next summer ;)
    I haven't planted anything yet but the greenhouse will be up next week I think... :)

  2. Wow That jug is cool...I have never heard of a memory jug...

    Peas already...Maybe I will put mine in next month!! Maine has been in the 30's 40's no snow...Very mild...not that I am complaining...I love it...and if the peas can go in early that means two planting this year!!! :)

  3. I love it, especially the spectacles, how funny is that and the cork screw...peas, are you crazy, you know you're gonna bring on the snow, kinda like washing your car, then it rains!

    I always plant them early too, but last year was a crazy one, the ones planted later did better than the early ones...go figure!!!

    I'll get my shovel out...thanks!


  4. oh i love love love this memory pot!
    and the promise of peas....we are hopeful too! although ours are protected until we make it through the winter. then LOOK OUT!

  5. Gayle, that jug is a beaut!! Wishbones seem to be popular. I've only got 1 old one. It's on Laurie's cd. Tall gold one. I usually can't afford them. I love the gold tone on. Yours.
    It's been pretty warm here too. What's up with that.
    Don't. Be afraid to travel ,the only scary moment was with a Mexican cop. We did have to pay him 80.00 for some unknown reason.
    You find the coolest stuff.

  6. What a find! I remember my Grandma used to make similar using all those bits of broken chine one tends to find in the garden when digging (unless that's just a Brit thing!) xxx

  7. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
    bloglovin follower

  8. Oh I hope your peas do well! We used to grow crower peas and always got a great crop...but I didn't know what I was doing so it was beginner's luck. Now we have concrete out front and back and everything is in a container AND I leave it all to the hubby who is retired and NEEDS to be the plant care taker. :) And...what a magnificent jug!!!

  9. I Love these Memory Jugs... never see them around here and have been toying with the idea to attempt to make some of my own...

    Thanks for stopping by this Morning to enjoy the G-Daughter's "Earthquake", that kid is a riot!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Hi Friend, Thanks for sharing that great jar. I really looks tall from your photos, I love being able to see every little token of love. Why don't you decide this year to break down and do an online workshop so we can all have a chance too own one of those beauties. I have never seen one in our parts of the woods and it seems like that would have been a southern thing esp. with all the moonshine jugs around.
    I started one years ago but it would only be good for a laugh.

    Take care and warm, Kathy

  11. Oh boy did you find yourself a good jug, Gayle. Never seen one this tall. And thanks for turning Kathy L. onto my Memory Jugs Book CD. Hope you are doing well. Happy New Year! Laurie Zuckerman