Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Virgin A Day.......Day 4

From Friends..........................

La Vergine Col Figlio
(The Virgin With Child)
Vatican Rome Gallery
(A lovely old postcard from Steph)

Our Lady of  Perpetual Help
(A prayer card from Kathy)

I keep these tucked in to the door on my altar.

Linked to Rebecca at Recuerda mi Corazon
In celebration of 
A Virgin A Day 



  1. good morning dear friend,
    this is the way of miracles, simply bringing hearts together. i love that your offerings today honor friendship and generosity.
    that is what is lifting my heart on this new day, the way the simple act of sharing opens the floodgates of love in the house of belonging.

  2. I love your cards, their softness and deep warmth. But more than than I love that you have this beautiful wooden altar in your home. It is clear that it is a central piece in your house and in your heart. Lovely.

  3. Thanks you for sharing a glimpse of your altar with all of us. For some, this might be quite a personal thing. I appreciate seeing it. It is beautiful. I love the prayer cards. Since i don't go to church and participate in organized religion, I don't see too many of them around anymore. I remember them as a young boy.


  4. It's nice to see your altar again! What are those feathers??? Yes, it's nosey Steph again! ;)

  5. I love your altars. Very wonderful indeed!!

  6. that is the most gorgeous shrine i have ever seen...i have an old doll wardrobe and you have inspired me to make it a mary shrine...thank you

  7. I am very taken with your shrine, Gayle. Thank you for opening it up to us.

  8. Beautiful altar and marvelous prayer cards ~ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Oh my. That altar is absolutely perfect. Like a slice of heaven, really.
    The cards are also.

  10. your shrine
    is indeed beautiful
    so nice to see inside...

    xox - eb.

  11. You have a beautiful Alter and I love beautiful cards! Hugs,Cat

  12. I enjoyed seeing your altar and all your classic Marys. We all definitely share a love of the divine feminine.

  13. beautiful! thank you for sharing

  14. These "old" Marys are quite intriguing--and enduring and endearing!

    Imperturbable Mary

  15. What a beautiful and rich site you have here...I love the horizontal bit of milagros