Friday, December 2, 2011

Support Small Business

Duvall Books......................
Today I had to run to town to go to the post office,
so I decided to stop into the book store
to see if a book I had been wanting had turned up yet. It had!!
It made me realize how lucky we are to have this store,
and how sad I would be if we were to ever lose it.

Others have said it and said it well,
but it bears repeating.........
In this time of year when we are all spending a bit more,
try to remember to support your local small town businesses
if you can.

  So......... I thought I would show you one of my favorite small
book stores,

When 's the last time you saw a bird skeleton
hanging on the wall at Barnes and Noble?
I wonder if coming here is one of the reasons my kids both turned out
to be such avid readers???
(my grandson loves this store too!)

Everywhere you look........something

Open 7 days a week,
and until 9 on Saturdays.
We like to go out to dinner then stop in and sit around
and poke through the books.
I know, get a life, right?

Great selection of used and suprisingly current books.
(antique and obscure as well)

Meet Polly, always happy to help you find what you are
looking for, or to put you on the list and call you when
it comes in. (and it will)
Plus, she is always wearing the best vintage clothes ....!!!!!
We need these small stores.
Please support the ones in your town,
(especially the book stores, which
I have a special fondness for :)


  1. I keep telling you, I want to live where you do. Our Borders closed several months ago, and now all we have is Barnes and Noble. They drove the independents out of business, and now it seems what goes around comes around...

    I am giving only American made items for gifts this year. And handmade. Which qualifies as American made.

  2. I wish I was confident enough to bring and use my camera in my favorite shops... THat's a great post Gayle! :))

  3. What a cool store! I so much miss this kind of bookstore, particularly the used ones and wish we had one around here.

  4. Great post, Gayle! Looks like an incredible store. So much personality in the locally owned shops!!


  5. I absolutely love used bookstores. Our public library has one in the basement, too. It's been a few years since I purchased a book new.