Thursday, May 5, 2011


COLOR AND PATTERN.............

Probably my FIRST love is and always will be vintage textiles. Since my
SECOND love is all things western........Vintage Pendletons are high on my list.

Most of the curtains in our house are made from "cutter"
Pendletons. WHAT???????? you saw my black cupboards and my pdr room......
What were you expecting????? Something normal??
I like to stack the blankets, hang them over the backs of chairs,
bundle in them...........
I just bought a new one to hang on our headboard!!
And I love to sew with bits and pieces of them.

So here's a bit of our living room..........................

The coffee table is an old furnace grate from  Garys family,
I had legs welded onto it.

 Pieces of junkity junk gathered from here and there

For all you poultry lovers out there.

Case full of small treasures, all mean something to us for
one silly reason or another. Those two small beaded baskets were done by my sister.
(Frost Creek)
What's really cool is that she first MADE the baskets THEN she beaded them!!

Old pie safe full of memory jugs and nests.

Speaking of memory jugs..............................

Here is the "infamous" first jug AGAIN.......
I went over it, with a new concoction I came up with.

I am liking this much better.

What do you think??

(These photos can all be enlarged so that they show up better......
NO FAIR looking for dust and dog hair!!!!!)



  1. OMG, i love your blankets. They really warm up the room. Your couch is just like mine. The jugs are awesome. I don't see that many and when i do, I can't afford them. But, the one you made is better than all of them. You'll have to let me in on the finishing technique. I'm nearing the end of my "head project" and a jug is the next venture. Your is truly beautiful.

  2. Your house has always been an eclectic collection. The "stuff" reflects what truly warms it and makes it always feel like home. And that true warmth may be 'used' but it definitely isn't second hand.

  3. I am amazed - your vintage Pendleton blankets have the same feeling as your wonderful collections. They love each other.
    - Joy

  4. Thank you for the nice comments.....and I think you all picked up on what I love so much about the blankets, to me they are cozy and welcoming as well as eye candy!!

  5. Memory Jar - I love them. I love the fact that they are century old customs, I am working on one for myself covered with needful things. I am just in the glueing, cementing stage but I can't wait. I really love the finish on the truly great jar. I don't know if I could be that brave but maybe on my next one. I have a smaller jar covered with natures best, you have inspired me to finish them.
    Thanks, Kathy

  6. Do you know the name of the vintage blanket above that you show a small portion of above? It looks like one my parents had when I was growing up.