Thursday, May 26, 2011


I think this memory jug dates from the 1850's or thereabout.  
If that is the actual date it could be one of the oldest ones I have.
There are a few things about this jug I particulary like.....
The photo of a young (?) woman, is an ambrotype,
and they were made starting in the 1850's up until the late 1880's.

You can see with this jug that the maker used the
idea of "focal points"
and arranged other objects around the focals
in an attempt to achieve symmetry and balance.
Usually on these older jugs the objects are more randomly placed.
Above the photo there is a doll head, and on each side of it
 objects placed in a balanced fashion.  
on the left, one of the two teeth that are on this jug.
I wonder whose teeth? Hers??

On this side, again symmetry.
A cracked mirror, a button over it with what
look to be horns on either side.
I looked at these real close, they are black, and I think could be horns from a young goat.
Maybe they aren't horns, but that is what they look like to me...
(the tips?)

This jug is 8 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter

At the bottom a metal piece that says "best wishes"
I love these jugs, am thrilled whenever I find a "new"
one, I hope you enjoy seeing them as well
and aren't TOO creeped out by teeth and other
oddities. As for just makes me love them more!!!

On a totally different subject...........I am one of the bloggers
 that is currently affected by whatever is going on
AGAIN......and I can't at present leave any comments.
(some of you might consider that a GOOD thing!!)
However I just want to say that I LOVE whenever any of you take the time to leave
one for me and I do try to get back to each of you individially .



  1. The teeth don't creep me out but they do make me wonder.

  2. I may have the solultion for you blog commenting woes.

  3. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Love the picture.

  4. Another very nice jug!!. The tooth makes it better. I'm catching up on my blogger friends. I get so inspired when i read your blog. Sometimes teeth come down on instrument trays (at work) I'll have to try and grab a few. An old guy at work would save all the teeth and he eventually made a necklace. Off to create