Wednesday, May 18, 2011



This past week or so I have been sewing, trying to come up with a bag
or two , each to fill a specific need. This one was the easiest  to make, so the first finished. 
I needed a new bag for junking..............I have another one I made that I really like....

This "ode to Robin" .....
(if she merged with Annie Oakley)

But I wanted one that was a bit more seasonal.

Inspired by a bag I saw in Anthropologie catalog, made by  
Leslie Oschmann, I used an oil painting found at GW
for the front of the bag. I made one of these bags last year as a gift 
and on that one used a canvas front and back . I couldn't find a canvas
that went well with this one so I used a dropcloth from Lowes for
the back.  The lining was fabric I had, but it was black and white so I dyed it.
I put it and the dye in a plastic tub in the sink and forgot about it for a day or so.
It didn't dye evenly which gave it a "batik" like look that I actually really like.

Sewing the coin purse in for a pocket was inspired by the shopping cart 
liner Amy Hanna made that was featured in Flea Market Magazine.
I have a shopping cart, but I don't use it much. In my area we don't have big fleas
and the shopping carts don't work well in small booths full of people. 

Much easier than sewing in a pocket and
zippers are not my friend!!!!!
The swivel hook is for keys.

Any excuse to use a tintype....I'm there!!
This little guys clothes are so cute!!

All in all, I am really happy with the way this bag turned out,
and I am just hoping I NEED one this big!! 

I just got an email from a estate sale co. about a sale in my area this weekend.
Some of the items in the photos are "my kinda thing"!!!
In order to go and MAYBE be able to score any of them , 
I am going to have to get up at bird fart dawn to get in line,
no time to shower, hiding under my baseball hat. 
So I am wondering.......
do you do that?
Do you roll out of bed , throw on your sweats , pull your hair back in a ponytail ,
hide under a baseball hat and behind your sunglasses,
hoping you don't see anyone you know????? 

I can't be the only one can I???  


Took my bag to it's first sale yesterday.......
worked great.......was 27th on "the list"
OK, I showered first........but.......
there were others in my exact early estate sale garb!
I got what I was after, but probably paid too much.
When you are willing to bust it to get there and stand in line,
it doesn't leave much bargaining power. 
Going back tomorrow, 50% off,
hoping the gorgeous but totally overpriced saltillos will still be there.


  1. Oh i love both of them!!! Are you selling either one? I know you need a junking bag, BUT>>>>>

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I do miss Washington and the bead club. Great bag! Now I have to add you to my blog list!