Sunday, May 8, 2011


  I AM TAKING ON A NEW PROJECT.........................

This labyrinth is tucked into a back corner of a small church in  town.
The garden club I used to belong to meets monthly in that church, so  occasionally after our meetings 
I would wander over there and spend some time.

I stopped in a couple weeks ago.....there was a nice friendly couple weeding and
tidying up. In the course of our conversation I asked them if they were the ones that usually weeded and cared for it. They said that actually nobody did on a regular basis and that had become a bit of a problem.
SO............guess who the new" unofficial, parttime, as needed,  when, and if I want "
caretaker/weeder is???   
Isn't this a sweet, simple  labyrinth?
My understanding is this was a "project" of a former minister at the church.
Some of the bricks have the name of a church member that has passed on carved into them.  

I have always toyed with the idea of making a labyrinth of my own.
Over the years I have saved articles about making them, photos, etc.
But it just never happened.

I am hoping this will be a win win situation for all!!!    



  1. Oh the projects we work ourselves into, there just isn't enough time in this lifetime for all the things we wish to do, especially when we start to climb over that hill...I love labyrinths, spirals and medicine wheels...I'm making a medicine wheel in my field out of cedar trees planted in a circle, in the center, a stump. This is my church and where I go when I feel the need to speak to the soothes the soul!

    Love your living room, I too love Western. I lived in the coolest cabins when I lived in Colorado in the 70's, I was a hippie/nature girl, what grand memories!

    Love the chicken trophy, you knew I peeps are really enjoying their new space and I'm exhausted from doing it and all the other yard work, spring is finally here or maybe it's summer already, 90 sumthin today, boy do we need the rain, I'm having to water and I hate doing that...but I'm lovin the warmth!!!

    Take care, back to making soap...what next!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the church garden - maybe others will become interested too.
    - Joy