Thursday, May 12, 2011


I AM LOVING THESE..........................

There's something  about seeing a large amount of these
colorful trade beads all hanging together  that
takes my breath away thinking of the possibilities.

Some of these are huge. I like big, but these are
really BIG.

These photos were taken at Tuxedo Junction, an antique mall
near me. I did a "walk thru" there a couple of days ago and came 
across this persons space. 

I am obsessed with these hats. Hard to get good photos, they are high on a shelf,
and this part of the Mall is a bit dark. 
Look at that bead work! And the birds on top!   

There were a couple of these bags.
Beaded mice anybody??

I bought a few beads , and these brass charms. I was told the Father of the person
that has this space used to have Ye Old Curiousity Shop . We used to go there (back in the day)
 and wander around
looking at the mummies (yes I said mummies) shrunken heads, Native American baskets and
crafts, African imports, and other weird and creepy objects. 
I think it still exists somewhere, but for years was located on the waterfront in Seattle. 
She said these brass charms are 30-40 years old.

(I am still thinking about those hats......)

Before the Mall, I stopped by an estate sale, found a few fun things.
I am always looking for cigar boxes.

And lastly, I found this Pottery Barn pillow
at GW. I have plans for it that involve cutting it up.
I know.... but I don't need another pillow, and I DO need a new bag.

I am looking forward to some good junking this weekend,
2nd Saturdayz is bringing their sale/market to Snohomish this Saturday
and The Queen of The Tin Palace was one of their contest winners.
The get to come on setup day for early buying.........
She gets to bring a friend....................:) 

They always have such good venders!!!

Wishing you good junking , good gardening, good times this weekend!!

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  1. Wish I had been there with you when you visited that shop! The pillow will make a nice bag, I'm sure! Have a good junking weekend!