Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My First..........

This is the first memory jug I made. On this one when it was done I "stained " the whole thing using an oil based product to help the items blend together , giving the whole jug a more cohesive look.

I don't do it that way any more, I have decided that I personally like each item to just "be".

Doing it that way also takes a much longer time to dry, and I couldn't keep my hands off it,
so from me dabbing at it all the time trying to get it to dry, it's color is uneven.

I also have a really hard time with the sheen it takes on.  

In the next day or so I will be trying something else over the top of this in an attempt to even out the color and take down the sheen. But I thought you might like to see how  my very first attempt turned out.  
Although this is a very large jug, (one and half gallon?) I think it gives you an idea of  the large amount of bits and pieces
it takes to make one of these.  

But then the search is the best part........


  1. I just adore your Memory Jugs and I'm certain every piece embedded upon them has a Story... I like to imagine what those stories are... which is the appeal of such a piece even to those of us who don't hold the Memory, we can create one on the canvas of our imaginations! For your very 1st piece this is outstanding... I probably would have had a lot more trial and error... with a leaning towards the error part. *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. BRAVO girl!! You did a fine job. IT looks fantastic. I like the stain. It gives it an "old look" I think I'm kind of afraid to start my 1st one. Maybe afraid i won't have enough stuff.Or it won't measure up. (to my standards). Can't wait to see your next project.

  3. If we were 100% satisfied with our first projects would there be a second?

  4. Hey Gayle! Thanks for the long visit on my neglected blog ( will update it next week!). This jug is awesome... wowwww

  5. This is sensational I so love this.You are a girl after my own heart with your love of all things old.

  6. Dear Vintage Green,

    I came across your site today and thought I would say hello from a fellow memory jug maker. Your work looks cool. Would you be interested in sending me photos of your jugs for possible inclusion in my Memory Jugs Book CD? Email me at or visit me at if you are, or just want to say hello and talk about memory jugs.

    Laurie Zuckerman

  7. Hi there! I am also a memory jug enthusiast! I have a gorgeous 19th century jug and many antique pieces that I am ready to add. However, I want to make sure I use the correct base to the jug so that I can place all my precious pieces correctly. Any suggestions on what to use? I would greatly appreciate the advice!!! Thank you


  8. hi I would love to make one of these myself could you tell me what type of clay material you use to adhere items to jug? thanks