Thursday, April 21, 2011


A Little Sale................
A set of stamps, cigar box, baby cup, liqueur tags,
old recipe book, watercolor tin, gem tintype album

These were sold seperately, one piece for $2.00, one piece for $3.00.
They told me they didn't fit, weren't a set..........looked like they were to me,
I'll take them!!

It looks like these might be all there, haven't layed them all out yet.
I'll have to think of something fun to do with these.

I love these old recipe books that have all the how tos and manners sections in the back.

But my best find was later at The Goodwill.......this big stack of old Mary Englebreits Home Companion!!! 
I miss this magazine so much!! I used to have them all, finally went thru them and clipped out my favorite homes, projects, etc. Now, here I am , buying them again. (go figure!) I got so many ideas and inspiration from that magazine!! I still remember the day the issue came that had Elizabeth Maxson in it with her kitchen cupboards painted black! The minute I saw it I knew that was for me!! You can imagine what people said when I said I was painting my cupboards black. Remember this was several years ago. My kitchen isn't as grand as Elizabeths', but I still love my black cupboards....Thanks Elizabeth!!!!!

But I took it one step further..................

Every handle is different on mine. A really really nice dealer finally caved to my pleading and let me pick through her stash of  dresser pulls. I love all the different designs, metals, and patinas.

I know this is dark, but if I turned on any more lights you wouldn't be able to see the great light fixtures my Husband made me, out of old space heaters.  Aren't they cool?!!!

Now if I could just get Elizabeth to come and finish the job by decorating my kitchen!!

Sorry these photos are so dark, I am trying to do better, really I am!!
If you enlarge them they are a bit better.....



  1. You crack me up...I am totally in love with the cupboard handles, what a cleaver girl!!! I don't have any kitchen cupboards, they were metal so I took them down, all but the one holding the old porcelain sink. And the light fixtures are to die for...good man!

    My husband used to do all kindsa stuff like that for me...I'd suggest something and come home from work and it would be done. It was great being married to a carpenter...I just couldn't deal with his girlfriends...ya think!!!


  2. Well Wild Thing, after seeing all the great cupboards etc you have for sale in your shop, I am guessing that whatever setup you have going on it's pretty sweet.

  3. I think your cabinets are beautiful! You did a great should be proud. And what is so cool? Your green cabinet is the exact color of my old farmhouse cabinets many years ago - and in that kitchen, I had all old silverware for we are a lot alike! Thanks for writing me and I enjoy your blog so very much!

    big hug,
    elizabeth :-)

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, You are very kind......
    YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!!!

  5. Great score!! I wish my junking was this successful!

  6. I love Mary Englebright, too. I wish that magazine would come back!
    Great finds!
    Happy Easter....

  7. We tried to take advantage of the great weather to do some junnking, the only one that scored was the dog. He loves tearing up those cheap stuffed animals.