Sunday, April 3, 2011


ALONG HIWAY 85................................

A roadside shrine along Hiway 85, heading back to phoenix from Tucson.

We made a big loop on the way home because I had read that there were several shrines right alongside the road on that route. There were, but some that were supposed to be there weren't any longer. It made for a loooooong ride back, but here are some of the shrines we saw:

This was actually in a small cemetary that was right next to the road.

In memory of a 14 year old boy

Not a grave,  a memorial

Shrine to St. Jude

Altar of St. Jude Shrine 

And finally.............................

Phoenix has no stortage of good vintage shopping. Thanks to Dawn, I had a very nice list of good places to go!  She has done such a good job of profiling and listing them on her blog that I am not even going to attempt it. If you are interested I hope you will hop over to her blog and check them out . I didn't buy a lot.............had the suitcase issue to contend with, but I did manage to find a few things.

An old photo albumn for art projects, one baby shoe (I couldn't resist)
old pocket watch, garnets, crucifix, and 2 tintypes ...all for jewelry  projects.

That brass piece is a lamp part....pat. 1888.

Ammonites, Trilobites. favorite!!

Saw lots to inspire jewelry design on this trip. I am thinking......
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!

FYI.......If  I could have fit them in my suitcase.......there were some hauntingly beautiful old Mexican doors, shutters, simple hand hewn furniture,  etc, that would have made the trip home with me!! 



  1. Cool shrines!! They all have a life of there own. It really reminded me of laurie beth zuckermans blog. So i wasn't surprised to see her on your favs list.

  2. How fun! Makes me want to ROAD TRIP!!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out and I'm so happy that you got such great 'scores'! I can't wait to see the creations you will be inspired to make using these new Found Treasures! The words Tribal and Ethnic really got my attention as those are fav Styles of mine too.

    I enjoy visiting Shrines too. I don't know if you discovered it this trip, but there is a fab Shrine of St. Joseph in Yarnell, AZ? I didn't think to tell you about that one, sorry... I try to make a pilgrimage there every year, the town is very small and quaint too.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I see you just discovered the MOON TO MOON Bohemian site as well tonight! *winks* Good Lord I LIVE to find sites like this that love all the same beautiful things and images that I do. I've run a Post on her Blog tonight... couldn't help myself... I was pouring over all her Archived shared pixs... she did all the work of finding them. I'd like to say that it saves me time... but alas, what ends up happening is that I want to still see it ALL in one sitting! *winks* Thanks for stopping by and I hope you do get to see the Shrine Of St. Joseph in Yarnell during your next AZ road trip!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Oh no... the decaying old houses weren't lost on me either... for some reason I'm drawn to dilapidated abandoned old places... I've actually cried when they've eventually been razed! I always envision me or someone else buying them and bringing them back to life. That's what we did in fact with this old house... it was a ruin... condemned in fact... the only reason the City hadn't torn it down is there was a HECL against it for some medical expenses the decedent had incurred. I found out who toted the Note on the HECL and played Monty Hall with them... the City has hated us ever since. *winks* They wanted this piece of land badly, but were too cheap to purchase it and satisfy the small lien... oh well... to the winner goes the spoils of war! *he he he*

    In the Moon To Moon post about the abandoned buildings whaddya think about that twin pair of brick Victorians side by side? I would purchase them both, construct a breezeway between them and make them one grand ole Bohemian Valhalla in whatever City they're in? I'm thinking its the Southside of Detroit though... so that would be one tough Hood so I'd probably have to perfect my self defense skills as well. *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I keep coming back to the pictures in this and your previous post. Every time I look at them, I see something new. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog - you are right, almost the same name. Your blog is fascinating - and I've only been visiting for a few minutes. I am looking forward to a deeper read. I am going to introduce your blog on my next posting.
    - Joy