Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NOMAD...........Sibella Court

This was in my email box!!  An announcement for Sibella Courts new book....... 
 "Nomad....Bringing your travels Home"

It's going to be available for purchase in early November!!
It's already available for pre-order  here:

 Courts'  last book "ETCETERA, Creating Beautiful Interiors with the
Things You Love"  is one of my all time favorite design books!!
If you haven't seen it, here are a couple of photos to give you
an idea how rich and layered her style is.

A tough act to follow..............................

 (from Etc:)

(from ETC:)

(from ETC:)

I can't wait to get the new book, and
if it's anything like the last one it will be
like reading a piece of art!!


OK, I took the Native American "whatever"
in to a friend of mine that is a dealer, and handles a
lot of Native pieces. She had never seen a piece like it
or come across one in any of her books.
Without doing research on it...... in her opinion:

It is: Native American, probably East Coast.......
circa 1880's or so...............
made to hang on a wall
to hold a fetish
not for tourist trade.

So that's all I know/don't know at this point.

My grandson Matt took it to show his third grade class
since they are studing Native Americans,
and it was declared
(he was happy!!)



  1. Wow! What an inspirational book!!! I love old stuff. Sigh. And...Keep asking, seeking...the answer to your find will come. And in reply to your stop at my blog...(the post about the pink bohemiannie! bag I made in case you forgot - like I would)...Thank you Vintage Green! I can't wait to give it to her. If she doesn't like it...I DO!!! :) And yes...I got a lot done but not compared to what I want to do. And I sit. :)

  2. Love the COOL AND CREEPY artifact review...sounds like one of my baby head reviews...the new books are very tempting, love the idea of the Nomad bringing it home...I simply must get out more!!!

    hugs...s word verification is 'laboob' someone trying to tell me!

  3. No, I won't go check those books on amazon, no, I won't go check those books on amazon, no I won't go check those books on amazon... now I'm gonna check those books on amazon!

    Good news about the bag, glad to know a bit more about it...
    Cool and creepy, lol, now that's a compliment( the kids at school told me something similar once...).

    Big Hugs to you.

    Wooohooo Sharon!LOL

  4. That's kind of how I attempt to decorate...with great collections of cherished items all strewn about...but with care. Beautiful images!

  5. Love the inspiration! So much to see in the pages of those fabulous books! Hope you're having a great fall.

    Kelly Aaron