Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Milagros.....The Shop


This past weekend we drove down to Seattle to a shop 
called Milagros to pick up a couple of things to decorate my altar for 
Dio De los Muertos .
They don't allow photos in there because most
of their inventory is handmade
by artists in Mexico.
However I asked , and she let me take this one photo.
A dance costume.
It's a great store, in Post Alley right above the Seattle Public Market.
Actually they have now opened a second store as well, just a few blocks away.
The second store carries a lot of the same inventory but also had some very OLD Mexican pieces .
There was one piece I would really like to have, but a bit spendy. I
have to think about it a bit.  Actually I can't STOP thinking about it!!
Not to tempt YOU or anything..........but.....they ship....:)

After a bit of wandering in and about the Market
we headed to one of our favorite antique stores in the same area.
Again, no photos allowed. They said it makes the dealers nervous. 
After promising not to take any photos of the amazing jewelry in this place, they let me take a few
pics but it was a quick sort of covert operation and I apologize for the quality.
So.......I know when we go antiquing, we are all drawn to different things........
(thank goodness!!)
Here are a few photos of the sort of things that I am drawn to...............

See those Chinese fingernail protecters???
always fascinating to me!!!

Another one of those dolls.............
This one with a child and some sort of charm hanging from it.
Couldn't see the tag, and with my camera out, didn't want to ask for help...:)

Always attracted to these old shell art pieces.
(made me think of you Cathie:)

  And lastly, these old half dolls........
Someone had taken a couple of them,
altered and dressed them up a bit 
and put them under domes. 

Kinda fun and cute!!

All that walking around and sneaky camera work made us hungry, 
so we found a little spot right above the market
to have some brunch and a mimosa
while we people watched.

People watching.................always the most fun!!!
From our observations........... in Seattle, at the Market on a 
beautiful October day, the two most common accessories were a scarf
(we saw some beautiful ones!!)
and a camera!  
Hope you all had a great weekend as well!!




  1. WOW what an amazing shop.Love the sneaky camera work well done.

  2. Great stuff, I can see you sneaking around with the camera...I would look just as obvious...ha!

  3. In the Words of Rachel Zoe "I DIE!" OMG this Shop is fabulous, I don't think I could walk into a Shop like this without having a lot of money to spend though! *LOL* So... are you going to show some of your Dia de los Muertos Altar Pixs on the Blog? I just did a Halloween 2011 Blog Party Post tonight and Dia de los Muertos is my Theme this year... so Colorful and I adore decorating Altars and have always had one or more in our Home... those of us with Magpie Tendancies can create fierce Altars! *LOL* Thanks for sharing this great Shop... now I want to see more of what they have to offer!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. PS: I'm still laughing about your covert ops camera shoot... I do that all the time... now I don't feel like the Lone Ranger! *Winks* I've always felt photos being shared via the Land Of Blog are free advertisement and what Artist or Vendor doesn't appreciate or need THAT?! But... if someone is the nervous type... well, then... whaddya gonna do? *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Woww! Thanks for sharing this, I wish we had cool shops like that here... love the Chinese fingernails protectors... and I would never had the guts to ask if I could take pictures... need to work on that!

  6. How wonderful to wander around with you and take in the sights! I LOVE the calavera and the saints for the first place - WOW!

  7. Oh, Oh, OH! I am SOOO jealous. We have nothing that cool around here. Morgan is always sneaking pictures at the antiques stores when we go to Boulder City. I'm sure the three of us would have a glorious time shopping...

    p.s. The pulled pork turned out great. Wish you could stop by for dinner!

  8. Oh, wow, if I want to see such a great assortment of beautiful curiosities, I must go to the museum. I would sell my soul for a shop like this in my hometown! But on the other hand... my children would never have enough to eat because Mommy really needed some more of the Chinese fingernail protectors... :)
    Thank you for sharing this, Gayle!

  9. Sounds like a perfect day to me.