Monday, October 10, 2011

Auction Treasure

Native American Pocket? From a belt? saddle? For a wall???
There is a small auction  every two weeks
in the next small town over.
I usually try and preview it the day before and that way if there
isn't anything  I REALLY want,
I don't go just for fun and end up buying lots of stuff I don't really want or need
just "because it was a screaming deal??"
Yesterday throwing all wisdom out the window,
I went to just watch the "treasures "
parade by.
And ended up buying this........................

I am really not sure what this is.
It has two small pockets on the front, they are wool,
and edged with a red fabric that has
The embroidery on it doesn't look like thread.
Maybe hair? Horse?
Some of it has been dyed red.
There are horsehair tassels  (dyed blue)
that are set in silver tubes,
and some of them are missing.

This is the back...........
lined with a red cotton, edged with a zigzag of red felt, there is a small  pocket on
the bottom.
It's going to be fun researching this,
trying to find out age, tribe, purpose.

THE BAD.............
It was a box lot. Yup. That means there's
always the "rest of the box".......

I will probably try to send that drum home
with my grandson...........:)
A couple of things will go into the "I might make something out of that
someday " box.
But I don't need an airline flotation device
laying around here.
(I hope!!)
How does that even end up at an auction??  
Off to the Goodwill donation box!!!


  1. WOW - what a really cool find! I miss the small town of Surry, Virgina where I lived for about 10 years and loved going to the county auctions. The first time I went without my hubby...and with a friend...she got a real kick out of the fact that I stopped at the dump on the way home so my old man wouldn't have a chicken fit over what I'd bought. :) It was a few box lots with some serious garbage- nothing like what I'm seeing above.

  2. Hey nice find! Yep .....Native American for sure. Pretty sure that's made from donkey feet.

  3. Sweet...well my auction had nothing but junk, there wasn't one thing there I would've spent a dollar on and the wood burner went for $250.00, but even it was cheesy...sigh...but what a great find for you. We just don't see much Native American stuff around these here parts...lucky you...I drool!!!

    Donkey feet huh, I would've guessed deer!!!???


  4. Are you like a magnet for folk art or what?
    Donkey feet really? I guess that explains the flotation device. Some A$$ must have put it in the box.

  5. Oooooh, jealous. No auctions around here. I remember as a child my grandparents going to auctions (western Pennsylvania). My grandmother made Grandpa sit on his hands because he'd bid on anything!

  6. What a gorgeous great find! Can't wait to know more about it! :)

  7. And... yeah!!! blogger let me post this time!

  8. I hope you share with us what you find out about it. It is really an interesting piece. I would definitely say American Indian something. Can't wait to see what you find out.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  9. That find is so coool!!You really need to let us know what you find out about it!!Hugs,Cat

  10. I can't wait to see what you find out about your is definitely unusual!! But maybe in the Native Am realm it may not be!! :)

  11. Me again! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I didn't have your email so came here to reply. :)...
    Thank you Vintage Green but don't be so sure. :) I love what Corrine said too! Makes me feel much better because after all - orange is my favorite color! I've made and sold so many of those bags...just by carrying them...but this one will be the first in Colombia! Yee hawww!