Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dia de los Muertos

Talisman earring.................................................

Working on some
Day Of The Dead jewelry.
I know, rather subdued .
This is a single earring because I find that's
all I seem to be wearing these days.
I will probably make a very short one with 
just a bead and skull to wear with it occasionally.

I am standing at the jewelry counter at my local Goodwill,
waiting for a "lady"
to get through looking at EVERY single
piece in the counter.

(I go every couple of weeks looking for pieces to take apart)

Finally, realizing she's going to be a very long time,
I asked if I could look with her, after her.
Before long I see her pick up a necklace, and immediately put it down.
I asked the clerk if I could please have a look at it.
I start looking at it, and the lady says VERY loudly, 
"Oh, I could never wear that I am a Christian". 
I realized she thought it had skulls on it. 
I told her....."It's not skulls, it's elephants".
Not listening, not hearing, not caring,
she still went on and on about how she was a Christian and could not wear "it".
I am starting to feel like I have a blinking light
 over my head  flashing HEATHEN!!!!
I turned to the clerk and said "I'll take it please".

This is my new necklace that I am pretty sure is Ivory,
even down to the tiny clasp.
 I now happily own it because she "could never wear that".
I quickly realized that lady had far more problems than I could ever hope to address over
the jewelry counter at the Goodwill.

Cute huh!!

This is my favorite rosary.
It came from a nuns estate in Montreal.
It hangs on my bedpost and when I am particularily
troubled I hold  it in my hands to just feel it.
I am not Catholic but it still comforts me.
I like to think about all the prayers it has heard, and
feel how worn all the many medals are from those prayers.
Oh look..... 
what's that I see at the bottom of the crucifex?
A skull??
I'm pretty sure the nun whose fingers
wore these metals almost smooth was a


  1. LOL funny, they are everywhere. lol Love the Rosary and your new necklace. You scored!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. DO NOT GET ME STARTED...heathen...I love it!!! Girl, you really scored, I never find any cool jewelry at our GW...but I'm Jonesin' on the elephants/skulls(I'm still chuckling)...I have a rosary very similar and since my belief in organized religion flew out the door in the 60's, I still feel a comfort there in the rosary, I think it's more of a Mother thing for me.

  3. Oh my! I am a Christian AND I have a Day of the Dead collection!! What in the world does that make me?!! Sometimes people are just plain ignorant. All of that aside, you have found some very cool things and you already know I think you/we have fabulous taste!! Heh heh - you go girl. I want to see what you make next!!

  4. LMAO!!! Gayle, you are truly a kindred spirit. You know, we heathens have to stick together. Can't wait to see your latest creation.

    HEY! We've been getting RAIN this week. Real rain, not just spit and snizzle. And the temp this morning was 64 degrees. Absolutely glorious :)

  5. Law...I wonder what she would think if she could see the Day of the Dead necklace I gave my daughter for...gasp...Christmas one year!
    Girl...your sense of humor knocks me out.

  6. OK, I don't get the connection of being a christian and not liking skulls (do they consider it a satanistic thing?). I am ENVIOUS of the ivory necklace score.

  7. What a beautiful necklace...and that woman has a problem....here are many like her out there...she is the one who loses out...What does she think is under the skin on her head!!! LOL

    Enjoyed this post immensely!!

    Peace :)

  8. Maybe you know all of this already, but it was news to me about the history of rosaries like yours:


    The ivory necklace also caught my eye because it reminds of the one that was sent to me from Vietnam in 1970 and stolen in Boston in 1973. Mine didn't have little elephants but was similar otherwise. Your art work reminds me of the art work of my Vietnam veteran friend. Wish he were still alive to share this website with.

    Kind wishes,

  9. I'm kinda glad that lady "wouldnt dare"...because now..You Can!!heehee..Sometimes,people just forget to Look..really look at whats in front of them.Great Post!!Hugs,Cat

  10. Oh what a GREAT Post my Friend! I am always amused by Legalistic ideology in Religion. I've always believed my Relationship with the Lord is far more important & pleasing to Him than anything I might wear or not wear for that matter. *winks* I'm glad you bought the necklace, it is Lovely... and your Rosary is absolutely Beautiful and I had to smile at your observation & comment, so very True! Loving your Day Of The Dead Creation... right now my decor is Day Of The Dead inspired so that Vibe is appealing to me strongly.

    Dawn... The Christian Bohemian *winks*

  11. Thank you for voicing your feelings in such a way. I used to be one of those Christians who couldn't do, wear, think, listen, see, feel, touch, taste...well you get the idea. Now I'm FREE and loving it. And even if I do, say, or act @#$%%^^&@#$%&@#$%&%^&%*#@%^*&%@$#$...I'm still loved. The Universe is a Beautiful Place isn't it?!?

  12. Heehee...that woman has a problem...good for you. You did really great shopping. This necklace is absolutely stunning and I love your rosary too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Gaby xo

  13. Hey Gayle -- glad that woman was too religiously OCD to realize what she had in her hands. Now it belongs to you -- a much better home. Also glad you'll be visiting Finallyme.com often. I posted a review of Natural Selections today, a film that's playing film festivals. It pokes a bit of fun at over-the-top fundamentalists, though it's made by a young director who grew up Christian in Texas.

  14. It's strange that there seem to be so many people who need something to feel sanctimonious about. but that's her problem, and that necklace is awesome.

  15. Hi there, I just found your blog! I liked it so much that I just spent about 15 minutes going thru all your posts..haha...am a new follower!

    I too have been thinkin of what to do with "Dia de los muertos"...something outside in the garden maybe.....