Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Years Crop............................

Of Baby Owls.........................

(sorry, couldn't get this to turn)

Usually we don't see the "kids" all at the same time
so we are never quite sure how many there are.
(this year there are three)
But this particular day I happened to open the front door and
saw the one on the basketball hoop, and then noticed that there was an owl sitting
right next to me on the porch railing.
I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of that, but was able to get some fun 
photos of them as they perched in the trees around the house.
These are Barred Owls, and we are fortunate enough 
that they have been nesting and living on our property for several years now.
They don't seem to be bothered by us at all, and it's not unusual to see them sitting on the peaks of
our house, the basketball hoop, swingset, garden arbor, any place they
can sit and do a quick swoop down on a meal.
Myself, I love them, and hope they catch every last rabbit, mole, and mouse
on the place. I am afraid though that some of the smaller songbirds and other
birds don't like them very much.
 I am equally fond of the flycatchers that nest outside my bedroom window and eat I hope the owls know that they are

Speaking of things with wings that go bump in the night.............
I received this gorgeous mala 

from Steph, aka
"Vlad the bat"
It's perfect for me , I love it!!
Thank you Steph!



  1. Hi Gayle,
    That is a Hoot! He is a cutie, I can't get over they aren't afraid. The first photo with the tree covered with moss and it looks like lichen. Now that is a great photo. Enjoy your guest. I could use the flycatchers since we had such a mild winter the pest are thriving.
    Take care, Kathy

  2. Hi Neighbor! Is that your little Whoo Whooers that are practicing during the day?! i can hear them up at my place while i'm out working my hives and weeding my garden! love it! thanks for the pics! xoxoxo jennette

  3. Those owls are absolutely gorgeous! I sometimes hear a distant hoot but I haven't seen one in the garden for years! Great photos and the bangle is a beauty. x

  4. How lucky you are to have owls so near! Here the garden is full birds but most are what the English call LBJs (believe it or not!) To us it means "little brown jobbies" (small brown birds).

  5. How cool!! We have some eastern Screech Owls but we never see them..just hear
    I have given you the Sunshine Award Gayle...your posts are always so much fun and inspiring for me...just go to my blog & check it out....

  6. I love owls and those babies are adorable. You are so lucky!!! I hear them around but never see them. The pictures are great. Congrats on for sunshine award. I agree with linda, you are always inspiring and fun. I'm working on a new jug. It's big! Next time a smaller jug.

  7. I love those sweet baby faces! A letter went out to you today. Happy mailbox...

  8. I should have scrolled down last time I commented... just noticed this post... sigh... The owls are beauties... we sometimes hear them here... but they don't come close... lucky you...