Friday, July 13, 2012

" Make Do's"

There is a "category" of junking, collecting,
whatever, that I call "makedo"s.
Probably closely related to the "mended antique"
category, but usually involving a more common, less expensive object.
 I find them at older estate sales or auctions and
most often at farm auctions.

That's exactly where these two books came from.
My sister found these at a farm estate sale in Oregon and bought them
for me knowing I would like the "new" repair on the book covers.
These books were repaired with a piece of fabric that I  would guess
was originally some farmers shirt.
Or maybe fabric left over from making said farmers shirt.
The same fabric was used on both books,
but the maker used different stitches on each book.
It looks like the one used on the top book
was the most successful.

You can see here what the fabric looked like when
it was put on originally.

Both of these books are religious books
and I think must have had much
sentimental value to the owner
for this "makedo" to have taken place.

These books were home to family history,
and were obviously meant to be handed down and cherished.
(notice the spelling of ....."borned", and the wonderful
old dates.)

Old books seem to become our safe keeping places for
little bits of our lives.
(a photo and an obituary)

Important news events................
(this is an article from The Oregon Daily Journal dated March 3, 1931)
It is worthy of a read, especially the last part.
(click on it to enlarge)

I am not sure what this little cloth label came out of
or why it was deemed worthy of tucking into a book and keeping..........
other than ......"waste not want not".......
But I am glad someone did put it there,
so I could find it all these years later,
and glad my sister found these books and thought of me.  



  1. I'm just guessing and you would know better than me, but books were probably expensive and patching necessary to preserve them. Whatever the reason, it adds a charm that can't be duplicated.
    How fortunate you are to have a sister who knows you that well!

    1. I think you are right....books were a luxury.

  2. Love everything about these books. Treasures. I'll have to remember make dos too. ;)

  3. Oooooooooooooh those are great finds, your sister rocks! The mending on the books is awesome... I love make dos !
    Books were luxuries then but the paper they used was much better quality... our cheap books won't stand the test of time... unfortunately...

  4. Those are amazing! What an incredible find. The shirts used to mend the books gives so much character that they're priceless.

  5. oh wow! I love this, those book look exciting as it is (I have quite a few Victorian books but none look quite so munch like they came out of the Hogwarts library as those) and inside they're even more interesting. I love "borned" that made me laugh

  6. So amazing, i just love these books,, love em loads... an incredible find. x

  7. Your sister's obviously got the same good eye for interesting and unusual things as you have. I love old books, especially ones with as much social history as those beauties. x
    PS Love your blog profile photo!

  8. Love your endearing term of make dos. You have an eye and heart for resurrection. And a generous sister. Beautiful grateful here!

  9. Wow these are so great...but sad that the family of who ever did this didn't keep it or even want them...I know people that do not seem interested in keeping family mementos at all...They do not know what they are missing...Glad these found their way to your safe keeping will appreciate them....

  10. I so love to see antique items still being cherished. Things of old were made to last, and they have...only to be loved by someone new. What a lovely find!

  11. Sorta like when people see creepy old baby dolls, they think of me...hmmm...what a great find and a great idea. I too have sewn vintage fabric to rebind old photo albums back together, we just use what we got, repurpose, love it!

  12. I always am attracted to objects that people have lovingly repaired, even if the repair job is rough, at least they thought enough about the object to try to preserve and use it.

    Loving your Make-Do Books, the repairs make them even more Charming IMO.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian