Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ART is in the eye ........

of the beholder........right? right??????

I am cleaning out......trying to free up some space......
so last week I took a few boxes of "treasure"
to the auction for someone else to take home and love.

While there I saw this unsigned painting and for some reason
"had" to leave a bid on it.

I was happy to receive the call saying......
"your bid took it!!"

So for $15.00 and a bit of tax,
and buyers fee it is now mine.

I took the hideous frame off , cleaned it,
love it!

This is not my usual subject matter,
still not sure what possessed me,
but something about the color and all the pattern 
was so appealing to me.

To me it has a primitive folk ART feel to it.
Yes???    No?????



  1. It's not my usual style, either, but there's something about it...I love the lines and colors in the dresses.

  2. I like it, love the colors too... the painter loved Van Gogh and the Impressionists it seems...and Gauguin too... good bidding! :)

  3. I thought at first you were going to say that painting was one of the things you'd cleared out! Phew! So glad you didn't, it's beautiful. I'd have got into a bidding war with you over that, it's GORGEOUS! x

  4. I'm Vix with and was hoping you hadn't got rid of that painting! It's got a look of Klimt about it or perhaps Mucha, but more naive - I think you'd got a great deal there, it could be a great investment

  5. It's wonderful. I agree, elements of Van Gogh, Gauguin,and Klimt. A great find!

  6. A definite early 20th century influence going on, Klimt & Munch I think, but painted circa 1960s/1970s. I love it - what a bargain!

  7. I think its a wonderful painting, well done on winning it.x

  8. I love all the patterns too...I wonder what your idea of a hideous frame is? :)

  9. These are such gorgeous and bohemian paintings! Btw I'm totally in love with that silver and dark red squash blossom necklace in your profile picture! =)


  10. i like it ! 15 cool !the outhouse was in bad shape it needed a lot thanks !

  11. A very haunting picture of the three little girls which the colors seem to contrast...the colors are bright & cheery while the girls somber, looking ready to breakout......very Yin Yang...I love it...Love the details of the painting...and for 15$...Fantastic buy Gayle...


  12. Definitely Klimt influence in the skirt patterns!

  13. I absolutely love this painting! You have quite an eye for beauty. I'm so jealous, this will be wonderful to look at every day.