Monday, March 12, 2012

Slim Pickings.....

This was about the most interesting find from this weekend,
some sort of Masonic  plaque.

A cigar box and some tins to feed my

The tag on these said "Asian chess pieces"????
They all come apart and I think are
destined to show up later as part of "something else."

Weird, but I couldn't resist them.

I found this hat form,
thought it would fit the fencing mask
I bought a while back.

Not really, a bit small,
"making do" until a bigger one comes along.

Sales are just starting up around here,
Felt good to get out and rummage about!!

How about you?
Did you find any treasures this weekend?



  1. I love what you found! Those chess pieces are stunning and the hat form is fantastic.
    Is that a Black Forest bear in the bottom picture? They are selling for silly money here at the moment, very desirable. x

  2. The 'hat form' is called a 'poupée' - it's used to pin various elements of a hat or headpiece to see what they look like together before stitching it all.

    1. Thank you Mya, I appreciate you sharing that.

  3. Yes, I did (find some treasures over the weekend)!

    I like your hat form - and the chess pieces ARE very interesting...

  4. Great stuff, that's interesting to know about the hat form, now I wish I would've kept one of mine...rats! Love the Masonic emblem!

    Gettin' close to pea plantin' time...heh heh...we had minimal sunshine today, maybe tomorrow.

  5. Ooooo...those chess pieces are really cool. Are they ivory? How old do you think they are? Interesting that they come apart.

  6. Gayle,good score. Love the old hat form. Yes,the sales are here. I gotten a few goodies.a big chandelier that I have no idea where it's going.

  7. What great finds....I have got to get out this weekend and go on a flea hunt...Love those chess pieces...very unusual...and so is that masonic piece... interesting info on the "poupee" :) Love finding out things like that...

    Have a good one Gayle!!

  8. You have the best eye for finding the unique...or is it some kinda dowser attached to your forehead that leads you to cool stuff?
    Anytime I read "slim pickings" I think Blazing Saddles! LOL!

  9. My brain is pinging off the walls in anticipation of being in the States in March/April. I have FOUR whole weekends for yard sales and thrifting!!! Woo Hoo! Did you find your fabulous stash at Antique Stores?

  10. I said a poupée but it could also be a wig stand. considering the size!

  11. i cannot stand to shop....but flea markets, thrifts and yard sales feel more like a generous hand tapping on ones shoulder gifting my favorite, the unexpected!

    your are unique and truly a treasure.

  12. It looks like you cleaned out one of my father's old lockers. :)
    I so love those old German Black Forest bears. My father had a collection of them. I guess his second wife may still have them. Oh well.

  13. I just found a hat form like that in a local antiques shop here in Bisbee, I resisted bringing it home though.
    Thanks for popping into my blog yesterday. Nice to meet you.
    xoxo Kim

  14. Nothing makes me more thrilled than a good find. You did really great shopping, Gayle. I especially love the hat form.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Gaby xo

  15. I think those chess pieces are really amazing.

  16. Great finds, Gayle!

    I have more or less the same form... my mum used it for wigs when she was a haidresser..
    The chess pieces are great.. will you use them for jewelry?
    Love the Masonic plaque too...
    Wish I could go hunting with you... :) BIG BIG HUGS! :))

  17. I think that you found some great stuff this weekend! I, too, have not been gathering much over the winter and am just starting to get back out there with the warmth of spring...except that we just got 11" of snow today, and it's still snowing...hard!

  18. These objects are incredible, I like the emblem, and the particularly beautiful chessmen, you go to be able to make of the beautiful!!!

    Wonderful day

  19. Hi!
    Your post is making me really "homesick" for my local auction house and normal haunts ... but only a little homesick. After all, I'm still enjoying my artist residency here in Key West! Thanks for the comment on the faux red alligator bag!