Thursday, March 1, 2012

Memento Mori

Victorian mourning piece......or memento

This Victorian hair piece is one of a group of similar pieces I bought.
In rough condition, it was actually a brooch.
The pin was broke leaving just enough metal to fashion a ring or bail.
I paired it with a piece of old watch fob, part of an old rosary,
some antique faceted black beads,
a religious medal,
and some other bits and pieces.

Unfortunately as I was working on it,
the hair moved a bit  in the case.
Can you tell?
It's off to the jewelers with it. I think she can take the glass off ,
which needs to be cleaned anyway,
and reposition the hair.
At least I hope so, cuz I really like  this piece!

Fingers crossed!!!! 



  1. Crossing my fingers! It's gorgeous... I'll try to send you pics of memento mori pieces I made two years ago...not as beautiful as yours (and no antique stuff on them either).

  2. Love it's like the shadow boxes, so many parts have fallen through the ages, it's just worth the effort to take apart and reglue.

  3. enjoyed your blog this morning. I am looking forward to following it!

  4. It's beautiful, I can't really see the hair but I'm sure the jeweller can sort it. Well done. x

  5. Very looks as though part of it is rosary beads??? Wonderful piece..:)

  6. I love nothing more than to take precious old bits and pieces, and to fashion them into something new and wonderful, just as you did!

  7. This is really neat! I so wish I could find stuff like this around here at reasonable prices. Do these bits and bobs cost you a lot? Here the price for such things is outrageous.

  8. i love you for treasuring the remnants of another's heart. there is grace in this cherishing of the past.
    of love, a language we all speak best when we honor each other.
    you are beautiful and so is the work of your hands.

    thank you too for "walking with me!"

  9. Once again you bowl me over. This is beautiful and no...I can't tell.
    BTW...I have some bits and bobs of fishing gear. Just small things, but send me your address and I'll mail you some. It may be after we come back from the show, but I know you'll find just the perfect way to use them. (I'm notorious for being a slow mailer!)

  10. This is so cool! I can't see any hair in the photos. This is something I could actually see wearing out on a special evening. Beautiful!

  11. That is too cool for school - even with "shifted hair".

  12. this piece is dreamy - you're so good at putting odds and ends together! I don't really see a big difference in the hair but it might just be the angle of the shot. You are the one that has to be happy though Miss Artist.

  13. Oh my! That piece is wonderful! I love it! Actually I would love to own it! Hahahahaha!

  14. sending you an armful of flowers on this
    first day of spring!

  15. Mourning jewelry was my first vintage aquisition. Unfortunately, the cost of most of those pieces was way beyond my budget, so my attentions were diverted to other less expensive collectible baubles. However, seeing the hair of a deceased motherr and child, woven together into a picture is an image I will never erase. Our society's mourning customs can only be eclipsed by others of the past, which were equally macabre. Maybe in the indefinite future, someone will embrace a flea market find, a diamond created from the ashes of a deceased. To close, I find your work creative and exciting, only bound by your obviously fertile imagination. "Write" on!