Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Memory jug #9

This jug is a bit different......................

I used an epoxy clay to form the snake on top..................
influenced by the folk art jugs made in the South.
This is a small jug, only seven inches tall

Still looking for a finish I am in love with.....
something less shiny.

This jug will get one more "going over"
to pick up any spots I missed or smooth out rough spots....
But I like to let it sit for a couple of weeks before
that happens.
Then I usually "dress" them as well, by hanging things from the handles.

On an entirely different subject...............
Want to see something cute??

We have Barred owls that share our property with us.... 
"He" could have cared less about me..... had his eye on something rustling in the bushes.
Ahhh, maybe cute isn't really appropriate...???? 


  1. Finally!!!! ;)I love it! The snake is cute! Do I know the tooth? ;) If so it gives me an idea of the size of the jug! And the owl's cute (it's appropriate... well maybe the owl disagrees..)too... when I was a kid we rescued one, a smaller one... kept it for a year or so...

  2. I think "magnificent" is a better word for the owl. The jug is incredible. How do you stick the doo-dads onto it? I have a bunch of old ceramic jugs that my parents collected. They're chipped and worn and some of them have been glued back together. It occurs to me that maybe they could find new life as memory jugs, but I'm not sure how to begin.

    Hey -- Professor Snape is now a postcard. Let me know if you'd like one. Too bad I can't send him via your owl!

  3. The owl is just wonderfully cute, something about the sound of an owl in the night, that just scares the b-Jesus outta me when I'm out in the woods...must be all the vampire and werewolf movies I watch, but when I'm in bed and hear them, it's soothing and I can't get enough...

    Love the Jesus in chains effect and the photos and the snake...I have a couple of jaw bones that still have teeth in them...I'm seriously looking at them now...I think perhaps for a memory catcher...don't you just love playing with your toys and sharing with your friends!

    Great job, I'm luvin it and I don't mind the shiny, it just looks like they handled it a lot through the just plain looks old!!!

  4. Love the jug, especially the snake, (a rubber boa?). Perhaps you could use that epoxy clay to make an alligator lizard for the next one. And, of course, Dilly Junior is very cool. What a great pic.

  5. The Jug is lovely! When we had an ancient Tree in our yard we had an Owl that resided there... alas, several years ago the City involuntarily cut our huge Tree down saying it had become too large for a residential neighborhood... it was over 300 years old... I miss the Tree and the Owl to this day!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. As usual your jars fascinate me, I like very much the pieces that you put inside, as photos, magnificent!
    Very attractive this owl, impressive!

    Beautiful day

  7. you are right "cute " just doesnt cut it! he is watchful, and patient! dinner approaches! love your jug. just got laurie zuckermans book so I could figure how to go about all this! what is your preffered adhesive? I see she lays her's out very methodically. do you also? I'll be watching!

  8. Gayle, what an impressive memory jug!!! I need photos of it for my Memory Jugs CD.

    And a very impressive owl, too.