Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Collector.....or Hoarder??


Every time I have to dust
I question my packrat (slighty hoardish?)

This is a family bible, held together with a ribbon
with family history on it
written by my Grandmother.
My daughters first pair of moccasins

My first jug.....
the beginning of a love affair!!
(with jugs :)

No rhyme or reason,
No careful editing,
Just "stuff" that over the years has caught my eye
And makes me happy.

Until I have to DUST!!

So what do you do?
What do you do??
Learn to live with the dust?
Grit your teeth and dust when you really want to be elsewhere?
Pack it up?
Get rid of it?
What do YOU do???????

This is just one dust collecting cupboard...
I have more problem areas......

I suppose in the time it took me to write this,
I COULD have dusted .....??


EDITED TO ADD: I never dust the jugs. To
me that'sjust part of their patina.



  1. Hahaha...you're a keeper of things that collects dust ... and so am I ... LOL... I live with the dust and sometimes when I'm in the mood, I get rid of it... (3 or 4 times a year..lol)... love that bible... what a treasure... I wish I knew more about my family history... and those mocassins... so cute! Love the jewelry too and the jug... well just about everything... ;)

  2. Fascinating...I'm watching Star Trec right now and overheard Spock, couldn't help it...and don't make me look at my stairs PLEASE!!! OMG, I used to be so anal about the dust, but now I look for spider webs in the corners so I can take close-ups...dust is just patina and I frequently use it when painting furniture black, to give it a primitive look...hey, us artsy types got more important things to do...right!

    What cracks me up is all the gals that have the fancy chicken coops that are painted white inside and are so perfectly manicured...hey, where's the shit...we all know it's there, no tryin' to hide it right! Sounds like another blog post to me and don't change a thing...love the hats btw!

  3. Ha-ha! I'm laughing because I'm so totally with you. I came to terms with the fact that I'll NEVER have a "Better Homes and Gardens" house. And it's good that Martha Stewart lives far, far away - she'd have a seizure. But I have a lot more fun. So do you. I can tell :)

  4. dust - no, it's a protective covering! and if you are anywhere close to Halloween? it's part of the decor, that along with the spider webs!

  5. Ahh this damned dust, we should be able to move the nose as a witch, "pouf", goodbye the great dust, but on the flea markets it is quality sign and very popular;-)!

    Beautiful day

  6. Ithink you are good company. There are quiet a few non dusters out there. Me? once a year weather it needs it or not.We even have pet spiders.

  7. I am a non duster and I am proud of it :)
    I really have no idea why we are on this world, but I am absolutely sure that it's not dusting!!!
    A few years ago, it was dusting time again, I put all my things into plastic bags and the plastic bags into big boxes. After that, everything was so clean and tidy! It was pure zen, I tell you! But all the things, one by one, probably at night when everybody slept, came out of the box again and found new places in our home where they now collect dust again :) They belong to me like dust belongs to them. Amen.

  8. hi neighor! loved seeing what you did with the coin purse! lovely! wish youd consider selling some of your fantastic art/jewelry at SR :) no pressure! just love your work! xo jennette

  9. Neither. You are a guardian!

  10. I see I am in good company!! I just go ahead and dust everything and know that I just could not live with all "things" around me!!

    So glad you popped by for a visit! We are ready now for this storm so it's hurry up and wait!!


  11. YOU are a collector, not a hoarder! Your treasures reflect who you are and what you love. The dust is a problem,but minor. I love seeing some of your things - very, very interesting, and the way you have put them together is very attractive and cohesive. Show more, please!!

  12. Dear Friend,
    First time back checking you out for the past two weeks my computer has been sick - I wonder if it got to dusty/
    Boy I can see you have been busy, post after post and each one greater. I am going to have fun commenting on them all.
    I can't believe that is your first jug, it is wonderful.
    It looks like you have always used the same technique applying the treasurers.
    I think dust is highly overrated. With age comes the decline with vision and that is a good thing.
    Your cabinet looks so interesting, I could peak and peak and I bet I would see some great.
    Batten down the Hatches - Prayers are with you.

  13. I love the Bible and your daughter's moccasins displayed like that...What a great idea... I am sorting through things like that and bringing them out to display ...Things like that should be enjoyed not hidden away...I love your blog BTW!!