Sunday, September 13, 2015

Memory Jug For Harry

               HARRY WALSTER                                                

Shortly before my Father passed
he asked my sis and I to go through his workshop
to see if there was anything we might want.
Dad was a rockhound, gem faceter, and junk gatherer.
This is the memory jug I made from the box of stuff I gathered that day.
Lots of stones, garnets mostly............
rocks, tools, this chain, and curious junk.




  1. Thanks, Gayle, for sharing. Healing work.

  2. dear gayle,
    this touches me deeply. thank you for sharing this honoring to your father. it seems you too have moved into life and away from blogging. i am rekindling the flame for 12 days of mary love. would love to have you join us- it's like old times!!

  3. Hi Gayle...What a wonderful project...very healing & so sacred...I think your Dad would be very pleased with this.. <3

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